God is in the Business of Transformation.

John 2:1-11 Transformation: God is in the Business of Transformation.
Jesus Changes Water Into Wine
The wedding in the first century probably lasted for a week-long or some say up to 14 days. The young couple from Cana just got married and during their wedding party, they run out of wine. What a disappointment. What a disaster. Everybody will be talking about it. Yes on their wedding day they ran out of wine. This is a transformation of water into wine a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance or substance.
Transformation: God is in the business of transformation
Among the guests Jesus, Mary, the disciples were present. Mary, the mother of Jesus brings this matter to Jesus’ attention. John’s Gospel speaks of this episode as a sign, one in a series of signs performed by Jesus or miracles found in the Gospel. To grow in grace means to become increasingly aware that everything in life is a miracle, a sign pointing to Christ. All the objects in the world are an invitation to faith, not unbelief. Here Jesus transforms the water of ordinariness into the wine of miracles. An ordinary is transformed into the extraordinary. The miracles are the signs of God’s abundance and Christ is the one to whom they point...
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