Wow! What an opportunity ………we are missing it........how many of our churches, missionaries, theologians and mission organizations using the modern technological revolution for the profit of Kingdom of God. I have heard in my childhood sermons against TV, Radio, Computer, Internet, Jeans, etc, from the so called spiritual leaders.  Old is religious, spiritual and new is evil was the philosophy of the popular preachers.  I called it as an “outdated spirituality.”  Is heaven outdated?…….if that is the case it will be boring………but the truth is, the heaven is not outdated.  If sinful human being (less capable) can create and work to create a better world, how much more God centered human being are capable to create a better world once the full potential is reached.
Every day, over two million people now turn to the Internet to search for answers to these deep spiritual questions. That is over two million people around the world seeking spiritual truths.  It shows how important is to have a church outside the four walls.  Apostle Paul, John, Peter, Thomas and all others used the technology of their day to communicate the gospel of Jesus to the world.  They used Roman Roads to travel to distant regions of the world. They used the Greek language which was the language of the world to communicate the gospel to the world.
I was talking with few of my friends who works with Bible translation and they mentioned it to me how they use the technology to support their work. It creates an amazing speed to enhance their work.  We know the invention of the printing technology which was a great move. Each new communication technology open up doors allowing each one of us to share the message of God’s love to millions of people who would otherwise never have heard.  The Internet is today a powerful communication medium that is influencing hearts and minds. I was in the mission field and my heart is in the mission field. Living my comfort zone at the age of 18 going to the North Indian villages was a challenge.  I was in need of doing that because otherwise they will never get an opportunity to get to know Christ.  
My pastor was preaching this Sunday and used an allegorical interpretation.  He said he was using an external modem for the internet purpose and the modem hit by a lightening.  He was in need of a new modem to get online. Your computer might be working (You personally might have life), but if you want to access the internet and greater cloud source you need a modem (Jesus Christ).  You also need the energy for all of it to run (The Holy Spirit).  

In John 21:6 we read how Jesus’ disciples had been out fishing all night and caught nothing. Weary and disheartened, Jesus challenged them in the morning to “Throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some”. You can just feel the skepticism … “But Master, we’ve been out all night and caught nothing”.  Thankfully they did act in obedience.  In stunned amazement, they soon found they were unable to haul the net in because of the huge number of fish. Today, it is like the use of Internet ministries. We are now overwhelmed with the number of spiritual seekers knocking at our door needing spiritual answers, mentoring and encouragement. It’s certainly an exciting time to be in ministry online. So let us minister to the souls online.

Binu B. Peniel
2014 (C) binu.peniel@gmail.com


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