The parable of Bucket vs Pipeline

The parable of Bucket vs Pipeline 2018 (C) Dr.Binu Peniel Most of the people in the world spent their time for money. The salary is the revenue stream. When we stop working physically we stop the revenue stream. How about you create many revenue streams that will not dry out so that you no longer work rest of your life. I mean no longer trade your time for your money. This is what rich people do in their life. Today I would like to introduce a parable called the "parable of the Bucket vs the pipeline." Lesson learned: 1. Job securities are all illusion. 2. Creating different pipelines are the best secret for your freedom. 3. Small actions equal to Big Results. 4. Always remember we live in a world where the bucket carrying is encouraged. 5. Buckets will never solve your problem. 6. If you don't carry the bucket you have no paycheck. 7. One pipeline is 1000 paychecks. The idea was taken from The Parable of the Pipeline by Burke Hedges.


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