Three F's' Representing Christians

Three F's' Representing Christians 

This week I was visiting one of my friend in PA. This was also an opportunity to be part of an Indian community. On my way back I was thinking what is my take back from this week association with my friends. I had some opportunity to connect with some of my old friends also had some meaningful interactions with one of my friend in ministry. Then I was thinking about the preaching and remembered the three F's' representing christians. 

FAT: The first type of Christians are called FAT Christians. I am not primarily talking about about physical condition but the spiritual condition. Being physically fat or obese is one of the greatest problem of humanity today. We are getting fat and fat which become normalcy in our generation. How can we not take care of our body and be spiritual. We are the temple of God and Holy Spirit. Let’s celebrate each other the way they are and help those who struggle with their bodies to find the joy in God as much as our spirits. As some one said: “Sure I know my body is the temple …but I am just a mega church”. For some it is a physical sickness and I am here to differentiate between size and fat. There is a possibility to be healthy at every size. I also believe there is no point to be judgmental and stigmatized about the size. Some studies showed that American Christians are more fatter in their waistline than their brothers and sisters in other parts of the world. One of the reason is that we move very little.  In order to be healthy or not fat we have to be moving and growing spiritually. 

FAINT: The second tope of christians are called FAINT. St.Paul refer them as people who can only digest milk and not solid food. We some times disconnect ourself from the world around us. The needs, concerns, issues and other demands. We do one way charity. 

FIT: They represent the healthy christians. Sound in doctrines and living. “Therefore you shall be perfect just as your Father in heaven is perfect”(Matt. 5:48). This is a difficult passage. The word perfect means mature or complete or finished. Are we the finished work of christ? Yes we are the finished work of Christ. The John : 17: 23 in the priestly prayer Jesus says: I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one. In the Old Testament the word TAMIYM (Taw-meem) means entire, complete, full, perfect, sound, upright, whole and used around 57 times. 


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