The parable of Bucket vs Pipeline

The parable of Bucket vs Pipeline
2018 (C)
Dr.Binu Peniel

Most of the people in the world spent their time for money. The salary is the revenue stream. When we stop working physically we stop the revenue stream. How about you create many revenue streams that will not dry out so that you no longer work rest of your life. I mean no longer trade your time for your money. This is what rich people do in their life. Today I would like to introduce a parable called the "parable of the Bucket vs the pipeline."

Once upon a time, two ambitious young men named Pablo and Bruno lived in a small village in Italy. Both had a great dream and in the modern language, the American way of saying both had a great American dream. They were willing to work hard and they were looking for an opportunity. One day the opportunity arrived. The village decided to hire both men to carry water from a nearby river to the cistern (a tank for storing water) in the town square. They both were given a bucket. This is my dream come true said, Bruno. On the other hand, Pablo was not sure about it.

He said: my back is aching working whole day carrying water from a long distance and my hands are blistered from carrying the heavy buckets. Next day Pablo said to Bruno, I have a plan, my friend. Let’s build a pipeline from the river to the village. A pipeline, no way, no one heard of such thing. No one build this before. We could make more money by bringing more buckets, don't waste your time. I have got a great job. I can carry 100 buckets a day and I am a dollar rich each day. By the end of the week, I can buy a new pair of leather shoes, by the end of the month I can host a party, end of six months I can buy a new car and a hut so on and so forth. I also have two weeks paid vacation in a year.

Pablo was not discouraged easily. He patiently worked hard, day by day carrying the bucket and part of the day and weekends building his pipeline. It was really hard to dig a ditch in the rocky soil. Rest of the village started to mock Pablo calling him with the name "Pablo the Pipeline man." Bruno, on the other hand, was doubled his revenue every day. He followed his plan by buying fancy things and enjoying the party. People shouted and praised Bruno because he throwing the money lavishly by buying things and paying a big tip in the restaurants.   

First few months Pablo had nothing much to show for his efforts, even the pipelines were buried under the ground. His work was harder because he was working at the weekend too. One inch tuned to one foot, then ten feet, then 20 then 100. He said to himself short-term pain equals long-term gain. In time my rewards will exceed my efforts. Days turned into months. One day Pablo realized his pipeline was halfway finished. Now I only need to walk half as far to fill my buckets. Pablo used the extra time to work on his pipeline project.

On the other side, Bruno's emotions started changing, he becomes sad, he said to himself in anger, day-in, and day-out "I am doomed to carry buckets day-in and day-out." Finally, the big day arrives for Pablo. His pipeline was complete. The villagers crowded around as the water gushed from the pipeline. Now the village rejoiced because the water started to flow continuously. They even signed a contract with him to run the pipeline to each home in the village. They started to make fun of a Bruno started calling him the bucket carrier. Day-in and Day-out the pipeline started to bring revenue for Pablo. 

A few months later Pablo visited Bruno and said, my friend, I have a business opportunity for you. I have a system now. We can potentially put a pipeline to the rest of the world. If you join me, we can do much more together. We could together make a small percentage of every gallon of water that goes through these pipelines. Bruno finally saw the big picture. Years and months passed. Their world pipelines project were pumping millions of dollars into their bank accounts. 

Often when we start thinking inline with building a pipeline, we hear a lot of negativity. I don't have the time, many people failed building pipelines, those who get early in to this business makes money and today it is too late to invest in that project, this is what I know and this is what the best IV league college thought me, a pipeline is a scam, etc. Remember all of the above comes from a bucket carrying mentality. 

Here the question is, are you into a bucket carrying job or are you building your pipeline. People often think and do what they see or what the monkey see is what that the monkey do. When I was growing up all that I have seen was bucket carriers. 100 million bucket carriers can't be wrong. It is the model the school system teaches you or train you. Go to the best bucket school to learn how to carry the best buckets. Work really hard. Eventually grow up to have a bucket carrying mentality. Recently my biological father comes to know the fact that buckets eventually dry-up. It is also called the time for money trap. Remember one pipeline is worth 1000 paychecks. Some of us also misunderstand between wealth and income. A pipeline is self-sustaining. In the world of project pipelines are always the lifeline. 

Recently when I was talking with a friend of mine, we were talking about when Henry Ford invented his first car, the rest of the world was thinking about how can I or we make or increase the speed of my horse wagon. In the world of job insecurities, in other words, we are hired today and fired tomorrow, by creating different pipeline you can have your job securities and become the millionaire next door. 

Lesson learned: 

1. Job securities are all illusion. 
2. Creating different pipelines are the best secret for your freedom. 
3. Small actions equal to Big Results. 
4. Always remember we live in a world where the bucket carrying is encouraged.
5. Buckets will never solve your problem.
6. If you don't carry the bucket you have no paycheck. 
7. One pipeline is 1000 paychecks. 

The Parable Of The Pipeline by Burke Hedges,


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