Re-Set, Re-Charge andRe-Commit: How to Set Free From Poverty Mindset!

Re-Set, Re-Charge and Re-Commit: How to Set Free From Poverty Mindset!

How do you know if you have a poverty mindset? I want to help you identify if you have a poverty mindset and help you break it once and for all. It is a curse and it is generational baggage. You need to be free from it. Let me ask you this question? Who are your friends? What kind of job or profession they hold. Are you friend with only broke, jobless, welfare lovers or welfare friendly people? Poverty is intentional and just like abundance. Poverty is not an accident, just like slavery and apartheid, it is man-made and can be removed by the actions of human beings, said: Nelson Mandela. A person of good intelligence and sensitivity cannot exist in this society very long without having some anger about the inequality and it’s not just a bleeding heart, knee-jerk, liberal kind of a thing- it’s just a normal human reaction to a nonsensical set of values where we have cinnamon flavored dental floss and there are people sleeping in the street said: George Carlin.

Your environment is everything. I grow up with a mindset of survival, in other words, to live one day at a time. One day my father will pay for the tuition, next day buys the rice, next day pay the electricity bill, next day the mortgage, next day tithe etc.  I have seen only people living with a paycheck to paycheck whether it is one day at a time or one month at a time. I have seen people living in continuous poverty and then if they had some money they will use it for drug and alcohol. There was abuse, no peace, no security, no chance for taking any financial risk, no money for any start-up, no space for innovation, No saving etc. This set my mindset connected with money and life. There was no budgeting to help money last longer. There was no dividend growth or multi-stream of income is a foreign concept. Blow it all on junk food and act like victims until the next check arrives or next money borrowed. In some case give it all away for pleasing my soul. The only way to change your financial success is to change your environment and change your mindset. Unlearn the learned behavior and change your approach towards money. It was very hard for me to change the language of poverty from my vocabulary. 

I spent close to 300+credit hours as part of my seminary education but did spend zero hours of learning financial wisdom or financial management. We learn our financial understanding from people around us who spent money foolishly and taken foolish actions. The so called leaders only wanted to train underdogs. The gravity of financial learning is from the wrong side of our life. I personally grow up with the language of poverty like We can’t afford it, we need to wait for next week, and we don't have money, that's for rich people and not for us. Etc. These are victim mindset and victim vocabulary. In order to change your financial future, you need to change your language. The healthy traditions are passed on from generation to generations. The decisions are made very early in life even when it comes to financial abundance. Financial independence will create financial abundance. Replace your lifestyle from poverty to prosperity, a new way of life. Repetition is the mother of all good skills. There are learning opportunities like David Ramsey which talks about baby step for your financial abundance. Change your traditions, and you will change your financial future. Remember poverty is a repetition. As children, we learn to talk, eat, walk, behave and do everything else by watching people around us. Have you ever said, “I will never be like…” or swore to do things differently from your parents, only to find yourself saying and doing those exact things? History repeats itself! Stories repeat it. Decisions made without establishing new skills will lead to failure or disaster or it becomes the decisions becoming a reality. Change your habits, and you will change your financial future.

I have a 7-year-old daughter and I recently observed that I am teaching her the poverty mindset or implanting the seeds of poverty. I realize the need to groom her for financial success instead of unintentionally grooming her for financial failure. In the spiritual sense, we call it as a generational course. Help someone else succeed, and you change will change their financial future. Money is looking for a place to go and it has no favoritism. This insight has come to me very much by observing the Indian Christians who are very rarely part of the economic growth of India. If I don’t direct the money toward me or something wise it gets sucked up in the thin air.  Take action right now, and you can change your financial future – forever. You can start today from the bottom, overcome adversity and poverty and rise to the top. So set aside a little time, read the teachings related to money. It is a learned skill. This is a prime opportunity for you and your family to learn how to duplicate success in your life.

You need to take charge of your own rescue, your-net worth is only growing as your self-worth, said Lisa Nichols. My journey started with my spiritual awakening but it was not sufficient enough for my financial abundance. I was in need of a reset, recharge, and re-commitment to set my life free. Your past will be sitting on your future until you are done with your past. This is where my psychotherapy and counseling self-work, which helped me. “Believe in your infinite unconditional potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon by your own self.” Binu Peniel. 
In your journey of growth, you need a holistic approach which is based on your personal self-empowerment, spiritual abundance, relational abundance and your financial abundance.  In order to have some personal growth, you need to change your belief system to set you free from the poverty mindset. The power of spiritual awakening is a great start but everyone needs to have a personal development and power of the mind shift. Each and every one of us has some mindset but then we need to have a mind-shift. 

You can't hit a moving target. We can't circle some day we can circle a Sunday on our calendar.  If money is a wrong thing I do have a negative wrong attitude. Being rich is a wrong place to be or making money is a wrong thing to do.  This is the myth I learned early in life. Religion and spirituality give me this wrong ideology. Declare to your soul. Being rich is a right place and a right thing to do. The following are three practical steps for your holistic financial liberation. 

1. Reset your mindset

When I grow up in India I had this thought "More for me is not less for anybody." First of all, this is the myth we need to reset. This idea comes from the communist idea. When we create wealth or money we are producing more not while we live in a socialistic isolated village. We live in an inter connected world. Innovation and invention generate more job and wealth. We are in a system of generation and growth. The only way we can solve the poverty problem is not to take it from the rich and give to the poor. It is a fundamental mistake. The better alternative is to grow every body. Zero to one is a great idea. When we have zero every body has zero. When we innovate and create one, every body has one. Move from collectivist idea to innovative idea. Only 2% of the Americans work in the agriculture and today the industrial revelation is producing enough and more for more people. Taking rich is a myth. The rich know that money is infinite. Their wealth does not imply the poverty of others. We need to move away from a context where institutionalizing the innovation and shaming the success. 

I hope you will agree with me when I say "People are in the place where they are because of their thoughts and mindset." It could be because of the oppressive countries, social and economic isolation and the effect of the colonialism and its after effect to many nations in the world. Poverty or riches are a state of mind. We can understand if one has a poverty mindset by looking at the following symptoms such as lack of personal development, lack of motivation, no plan to get out of welfare systems and in some extent advocate to support the poor. They also lack problem-solving, goal-setting, and task execution skills. There is a part of our brain called limbic system which holds the long term memories. When a person lived in poverty for a long time the limbic system constantly sends fear, stress, and worries to the prefrontal cortex, which overloads its ability to solve problems, set goals and complete task in an efficient way. This happened to everyone at some point in their life.  People who live in the poverty stricken world it is very common. The church of Jesus Christ needs to be free from the poverty mindset.  It is all in your mind they say- they are absolutely correct. Mindset forms habits and habits keep you from financial success. Thus it is very important to start developing a healthy financial foundation for financial prosperity and success. The good news is that you can reset your mindset.  As a pastoral psychotherapist, I help you personally reset your mindset. "Cavenomics" is designed to help you to become your own guru. The secret of success is inside you. If you find prosperity outside, but not inside, you are not truly successful. Everyone needs a healthy financial belief and habits or a healthy relationship with money. This is possible only through resetting your mind. 

2. Re-charge your resource  

I call re-charging is a therapy. After you ditch your old beliefs and create new ones you can re-charge your resources. Start accepting all the good you have in your life. Start looking life from a positive frame of reference. Trust in the abundance of God. The belief that you are worthy of abundance. You will start seeing abundance flowing into your life in surprising ways and you will start seeing your income constantly increasing. 

I can relate this to my life experience of cleaning the well. When I grow in the Indian village one of the yearly things we do is to clean our drinking well. When we remove the dirt and contaminated water, we will see the new spring bringing fresh water. In some time we also see new spring. Re-charge your resources also mean creating multiple streams of income. Repeat over and over again powerful prosperity affirmations such as "I am worthy of an unlimited source of abundance. I bless and prospers every one and every blesses and prospers me." Every human being has the capacity to attract what ever they think or dream about. Re-charge your mindset with prosperity thinking. Some other positive confessions are like: I am a magnet for money and prosperity. What ever I get involved I am highly compensated, opportunities are attracted to me, I meet the right people are the right time who brings blessings to me, the work I do now will be well paid, I live in harmony with the universe and I am connected with the unlimited prosperity that exists every where, money is a state of mind that will support me unconsciously, life supply all my needs in great abundance, I radiate success and I prosper wherever I turn, the law of attraction brings only good and prosperity to me. I change all my poverty mind set to prosperity mindset, I delight in the financial security in my life, I express gratitude and rejoice in my growth and wellness, abundance flows through me like a water falls, there is wealth and power are available to me, I release all the resistance to money and it flows joyously into my life, every one every where bless and join in my abundance, etc. 

When you sell your time for money everyone has limited time and limited potential. Passive income is the holy grail for not selling your time for money. In many cases, it is hard to generate passive income.  There is very less maintenance to keep the money flowing. If you can identify your niche you can create passive income through starting a blog.  In the technologically advanced world, everyone can optimize social media marketing. It can create blog your book, including an E-book.  You can sell your expertise.  Creating a course online is another way to create a passive income. is an easy platform to do that. It takes a significant amount of time and efforts on the front end. Another idea is to produce an audiobook. Leverage audible’s ACX platform to publish your audiobooks.
3. Re-commit for prosperity 

Prosperity is a state of being prosperous. Dwelling on lack only create more lack. Money can be attracted and it basically comes from the concept called positive psychology and mindfulness. It is also deeply rooted in the concept of faith in the Christian tradition and Judeo-Christian thinking. If you have a poverty mindset think you need a mind shift to positive behaviors. Poverty has multiple effects in the areas like spiritual, intellectual, relationship, will power, physical, economic, civic and support network. Many time we all are angry with the wealthy people. We hate wealth. Wealthy people are not evil. You attract this mindset from generation to generations. Dumb your wheel-barrow mindset. The goal is not to work hard but to work smart. It not selling your time for money. The middle class is paralyzed with fear. 

Money is not the root of every evil, but some evil. Money is not embarrassing. Money is not finite. You making more money is not going to create less for any person. Bring your talents to the maximum level. Move from the industrial mindset. Remember the authorities are not in charge of your life. Start inspiring others. Leaving the rank thought of the poor. We need to associate yourself with successful people. Your state thinking or making you poor. 

Your posting determines your paycheck. Your knowledge alone is not important but your personality. Studying IT (Information Technology) is dreaming to be poor because another 2 billion of them are doing the same. The safe is to be risky. Give them permission to fail and try something different. You are separated by your goals, not by the number of years but the number of actions. Recommitting to your prosperity is based on creating greater value. Remember you are three books away from being an expert on any topic.  Joseph principle: Repay the trust with greater or excellent values. be a trustworthy individual


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