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Binu Peniel
I am Glad that you are here.

Greetings and Welcome to my Webpage.

I am a founder of BinuPeniel.com and cavenomic.com. Both of this platforms are aimed to inspire, motivate, inspire, empower and lead people by spreading knowledge and to engage in inspirational conversations.

There is a fundamental principle I learned in life called the secret of happiness: The more sophisticated a person's knowledge about happiness, the more effective they will achieve happiness. If you conquer your unconscious you will be happier and successful and it is only possible through bringing new awareness. I am a life design coach passionate about entrepreneurship, self-development and success.   

I was born in God’s own country (Kerala), South India and I spent formative years in commerce school and engrossed mastering in Theology, Counseling and Psychotherapy and become an internationally qualified Clinical Counseling Trainer and Psychotherapist. I am currently in the final stage of my Doctoral Studies in Ohio, USA. 

As a courageous and hardworking leader from the young age worked with International organizations such as 242GC, Atlantic College, Al-Shama Building Materials, MHHM, GFA and OM in Asia, Middle East and North America.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I am in the business of spreading innovative and empowering ideas for personal growth. I also spent a lot of time in developing training materials for personality develop and personal growth. Pastoring, Research, Chaplaincy, Growth Training, Missionary Training, Clinical Counseling and Psychotherapy, Business Development, International Publishing, Photography, Corporate Training, and Web and Software Solution, Mobile Apps Development are my areas of interest. Vision to see the fulfillment of the developing self-sustaining churches and a native missionary movement in South Asia and South East Asia.

Please find my family picture. I am married to Mebin and we are blessed by God with Keren (Daughter). 

Your time online is very important to me and you all made it possible with your comments, share, like and visit, helping me to reach 100,000 people. (visiting in this platform).

This website will help you to learn more about yourself, ways to be happy, stop procrastinating, be more productive, learn new skills, develop more confidence, create positive life changing habits, live your life outside of the box, develop your creativity and innovation and finally to live your life more authentic and intentionally. 

Enjoy your time and blessings in your journey!

Dr. Binu Peniel

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