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The respected Prime minister, Manmohan Singh "the leader other leaders love." was a hard working student who studied by candle light and Kerosene lamb as his village did not had electricity, no school, no hospital, no piped drinking water. Whenever he was asked for the secret of his professional success Singh would say only one thing, “I am what I am because of my education.” When we look at his resume it is mind blowing to see the positions he held, awards and scholarship he received. He walked for miles every day to school and studied at night in the dim light and when asked once why he had poor eyesight he confessed that it was because he had spent hours reading books in that dim light.

He gave up his UN Job to teach in India. Some time it is wise to be foolish. I truly believe when he return to India he knows he is going to be the prime Minister of Great India one day.

No rich parents, no influential uncles, no wealth, no inheritance, no one to pull strings and ‘put in a word’ – it was always his merit, his hard work, his honesty, his intelligence and, above all, his deep love for India that energized him. Every young Indian should feel inspired by the life of Manmohan Singh!


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