Binu Meaning of the Word a Bibilical Mandate

Binu is also an easy name to be typed in a standard mobile phone keypad. The name has only four characters and will work in multiple languages and cultures. In most of the cell phones besides  “1-2-3-4″, the next most obvious and easy to remember numeric sequence is “2-4-6-8″. Looking at the letters typically associated with these keys on a standard phone keypad, you will come up with “b-i-n-u”.

The Wikipedia entry for binu provides a few meanings and uses of the word. It’s a common boys name in Kerala state in India with the meaning “happy man”, has been used as a given name in China for centuries and is a short form of the Hebrew, Aramiac and Syriac name “Binyamin”, from which the Latin name Benjamin is derived. It means “wine” in Sardinian and is a place in Langa Langa Lagoon in the Solomon Islands. It can be pronounced as “be in you” or “be new” and could be an acronym for “ I Need You”.

In the internet world  “biNu” is also a mobile internet application to get super fast and easy to use internet services on mobile phones and wireless devices.

Binnui (Bin nui)
A building or family ship
1. Father of a levite who had charge of the gold and silver vessels Ezra brought back from Banglore (Ezra: 8:33)
2. A son of Pahath-Moab (Ez: 10:30)
3. A son of Bini (Ezra: 10:38)
4. A son of Henadad (Neh:3:24, 10:9)
5. One whose decendants returned from exile with Zerubbhabel (Neh:2:10) called Baniiu Ezra (2:10)
6. A Levite who returned from exile (Neh:12:8)


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