"The Challenges of Indian Reverse Brain Grain in the Global Workplace"

"The Challenges of Indian Reverse Brain Grain in the Global Workplace"

To excel in today’s local and global workplace, one need to know how to empower and stimulate, educate and retain employees across cultural and linguistic boundaries. Human resource management is very important when it comes to the success of an organization. With the increase in competition, locally and globally the organizations must become more flexible, resilient, agile and customer focused to succeed. Today we are in a competitive race for global talent management. The work place diversity which brings innovative ideas and perspective in the global market includes age, work experience, ethnicity, ancestry, race, sexual orientation, geographical differences, income status, marital status, religious ethics and beliefs so on and so forth.  

Respecting diversity, Respect of fundamental rights at work place, Creating safe and healthy workplaces, Facilitating work-life balance, Providing opportunities for growth and Providing workplaces that foster self development are the major factors one can’t ignore being in the management position in the global work place. 

Stayed in India, Middle East and North America, I can authentically state there is a fast growing phenomenon of “reverse brain gain” and the Europe and US already started to feel the shortage for trained and talented experts, in the IT, Aviation, Hospitality, Education and Tourism industry.  Down through the years the Indian brain has contributed to the world economy and played a significant role in the Job creation. India’s small but significant move towards the employment of skilled expatriate workers is a reversal of the long standing of the brain drain of Indian Talent in US & Europe. It represents the growing maturity of India’s globalization and the empowerment of the work force from a leadership and management framework. Today African and South American continents are looking for Indian investors and Indian brain for the development of their infrastructure and economy. 

The major advantage and the cutting edge of the Indians in the development of the Global economy which include the 60% of its population being born after 1980, healthy and growing neighborhood and the religious harmony and its coexistence for many centuries where as in the west they are struggling with the issues such as Islamophobia and religious pluralism.

My suggestion for the Indian professionals are to look inside for resources and stop looking outside for healing because the whole world is looking at you for solution even though we don’t realize this. My old teacher in the “Modern Religious Movement” use to enlighten us by saying the old Indian religious realization that is “If thou art God”, you are automatically awesome and incredible.  Celebrate yourself! Being a Christian and follower of Christ I don’t go that far…. even though I believe “CHRIST IS IN YOU and ME”!


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