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I am sure by making simple changes in our everyday lives; we can make this world a better place to live. Everyone is trying to go green. It is fundamentally about helping the world to survive for the generations to come and to safeguard ourselves from the catastrophic calamities. Live your environments greener a bit by bit. 

Save energy with and use environmentally sustainable energy. We are using more energy per capita, than any other nation in the region. We have our annual bill of 350$Million for fuel.  Energy saved is energy Created. 

Save water and eat smart, create a paperless society will help our small economy to be sustainable and help us to go green. will help you with the 242PAD to create a sustainable green economy in the Bahamas. Ban disposable and plastic bags for yourself. Make use of cloth bags. Whenever you go for shopping, carry your own reusable bag and say no to plastic bags. Always drive in the speed limit that is allowed by the traffic police. 

This move will surely help you conserve the fossil fuel. Always choose to walk or make use of bicycle to nearby places. You can always do so, if your destination place is anywhere between two miles with in this 7/21millies Island. Switch off you vehicle's engine, especially in traffic posts. Unplug unused chargers and appliances. Try to pay all your bills on line and explore the possibility with online banking. Again  will help you as a device to do all you’re online banking. On every family occasion plant a special tree in your backyard. Go online with your advertisement instead of printing the paper. Buy your 242PAD to do all your reading and subscribe to online news papers instead of buy the printed news papers.


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