Social Privacy Protector: A free Face book app to keep Bahamian children safe online

There are many reports on the web that will tell you why social networking websites are not safe for the children. In fact, Face book, the largest social networking website, had triggered hullabaloo when it revealed it plans to open the network to preteens. The SPP app comes with multiple level of protection. However, the most significant one is that helps parents monitor their children's friends lists in seconds, and detect persons who have no mutual link, or have fake profile. Michael Fire saying, "An important feature of this app is the ability for parents to better protect their kids' privacy with just one click instead of having to navigate the more complicated Face book privacy settings.”
Users can use the app as a Firefox extension as well. They also provide you a video to get a preview of how the app works. To know more about the app, click on the following link:


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