Technological Paranoia

Technology is meant to make our lives more productive, but, inexorably, it has also led to a new form of paranoia. Many of us are familiar with these many common forms of technology paranoia such as Reply all, SMS sent to the wrong person, Phantom Cell phone Syndrome, Copy and paste, status update, a constant state of email vigilance, parental control, Privacy Paranoia  etc. Among all of them the most venomous are Privacy Paranoia. Can anything you do online remain truly private in this day and age? One out of eight people in the world has a Face Book account and every site we visit online would like install a cookie to track our online progress. Do you know the Google, Face Book, and other social network site owners have the right to access any of your personal information and can publish them if they want. They can also give your personal information to some other companies if they want. Today’s drop box, Google document, cloud computing all create the technocrats more paranoid.


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