“Whatever it takes to educate the Bahamian Children; the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation.”

One of the greatest challenge we face as a country is to continue to educate our people. There is abundance of information available at the touch of a button, however many persons don’t read the news papers, listen to radio or TV or browse the Internet.  One of the reasons is affordability. Single parents working had to put food on the table always compromises when it comes to buying daily news papers or spending thousands of Dollars buying Mac or IPAD or to subscribe to Internet.

Another challenge for our country is to provide Sixty six thousand or more Educational PAD for the Bahamian school children with an affordable price with the vision to create the Bahamas as an IT Hub in the region or as a center of Information Technology in this hemisphere. Today’s modern technology motivates resourcefulness and hands-on learning with features we never find in any other instructive tools we ever used. 

 “I believe whatever it takes to educate the Bahamian children; the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation.” The world is yet to see the complete information technology revolution and it is more unprecedented in the history.  It should not leave Bahamians behind. The world has seen only 10% of that revolution. 

Another challenge we face is to keep up with the traditionalism and modern development. A cultural transformation is what is required from old is Gold and Godly to new is Gold and Godly when it comes to technology and development. John Maxwell once said; his multimillion Dollar Company was making 95% of its annual income not from the things the company was doing five years ago.   

Another challenge is to build influentially built in -Apps, where students engage with content in an interactive ways, find information in an instant, and access an entire library on their finger print with the Bahamian content and history. Even though we are a small nation but we are unique in our own identity and history.  

The task is to educate our children with our history and uniqueness. And now, with the introduction of Multi-Touch textbooks and 242Pad it takes learning to a whole new level and easier. In the information age the knowledge is doubling every two and half years. Text books are outdated before even they are published. In this postmodern era the learning styles changed dramatically and the conventional text book dilemma and heavy backpacks and weighted down are no more of students’ interest.  This crate an urgent need for change



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