Research Abstract

Marriage requires preparation to avoid marital problems. Since eight years in the South Kerala Diocese (SKD) of the Church of South India (CSI), marriage preparation course is mandatory to those who are getting married. Since it has been observed that, premarital preparation is significantly associated with marital satisfaction, the study intends to investigate the impact of premarital counseling/preparation on marital satisfaction as well as its pastoral counseling implication. The study aims to find out the impact of gender, age, occupation, educational qualification number of children, family income, parental involvement, family outing, social activities, duration of married life, geographical location and it also measures premarital content comprehension test in terms of biblical understanding of marriage, psychological understanding of marriage, physiological or sexual understanding of marriage, communication skills, conflict management, parenting or child rearing, finance management and distribution of roles with marital satisfaction.

This Quantitative study follows a quasi-experimental design. It could be defined as exploration, analytical-cum-quasi-experimental. The comparison between the experimental group and control group makes this study as exploratory correlational in nature. The relevant data for the exploration is collected through field research by administering, the premarital counselling content comprehension test (PCCCT) designed by the researcher, personal data sheet and the socio economic status scale, marital satisfaction/ quality scale male and female form measurement tools. The study population consists of 90 respondents and all of them were from the CSI SKD. The control group consists of 33 samples and 57 samples in the experimental group. The data’s were subjected to adequate and suitable statistical techniques and presented as its frequencies and percentages as well as mean and standard deviation. Chi-square analysis was employed as non-parametric statistic and Student’s t-test was used as parametric statistic to find out the difference between two groups. Pearson’s correlation analysis was used to find out relationship between different variables.

There are many findings the study has brought out into the field of clinical pastoral research. The impact of premarital counseling/ preparation on marital satisfaction is the primary finding in the study. The significance of the socio-demographical data is also relevant to the study. The parental involvements and Gender group not significant, Place of residence, Monthly income of the respondents no statistical difference, Occupation of the respondents differs significantly, Education of the respondents don’t differ statistically, Duration of marriage very high difference, Age of the respondent differs significantly, Family outing differs significantly , social activities no significant difference, Total income group shows statistical difference, and Number of child existed differ significantly. Finance plays a major cause of marital disharmony. The distribution of the role may be worked out by negotiation between husband and wife. Sexual activity is fundamental to marriage. The Biblical and theological understanding, psychological understanding, physiological and sexual understanding, parenting and child rearing, conflict resolution, communication, finance management, and Distribution of roles found significant to the study and the understanding is higher to the experimental study population in comparison with the control group due to an adequate preparation for marriage which will affect the marital satisfaction.

The impact of premarital counseling on marital satisfaction was unexplored and the researcher was able to succeed to some extend. The following suggestions are made for future research in the light of the findings of the present study. Other denominations are excluded from this study and it is suggested to explore that in detail. The areas such as the impact of early childhood experience, early sexual experience, in-laws relationships and its impact of marital satisfaction are worth studying.

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