About Me: Binu B. Peniel

My Humble life: Binu B. Peniel 

God’s own country (Kerala), India by birth, spent formative years in commerce school and engrossed mastering in theology, Counseling and Psychotherapy and become an internationally qualified Clinical Counseling Trainer and Psychotherapist. As a courageous and hardworking leader from the young age worked with International organizations such as 242Group of Companies, Al-Shama Building Materials, MHHM, GFA and OM in Asia, Middle East and North America.
From 1994 onwards shuttling between the security of the native land and the challenges of the new environment including the vast geographical India, Middle East, The Bahamas and United States of America where I have realized the inner call from the unblemished light to create a world a better place to live.
My journey into Business Development, Innovation and Incubation, Entrepreneurship, International Publishing, Photography, Corporate Training, Alternative energy solutions, and web and software solutions began from 2000 onwards and (photography) had its zenith capturing moments of the lovely daughter's life and soon transitioned into a hobby as an extended years long in The Bahamas and United States of America. 

Since 2009, as a visionary I have also become involved with a native missionary movement known as www.mhhmin.org and make myself available as a missionary trainer and a witness in the Market Place.


I am Glad that you are here.Thank you for reading my blog. This is a reader supported platfom. I spread innovative and empowering ideas for personal growth. Research, Chaplaincy, Growth Training, Missionary Training, Clinical Counseling and Psychotherapy, Business Development, International Publishing, Photography, Corporate Training, and Web and Software Solution, Mobile Apps Development are my areas of interest. Please join with 100,000 people visiting in this platform. Please subscribe. Enjoy your time and blessings in your journey!.


Unknown said...

I need CPE student know of any individuals who want to enroll in CPE? Start date April 2 937-508-8721. Ronnie Releford SIT

binupeniel said...

I will be glad to do some didactic with your CPE students if you are interested. Blessings. Binu Peniel