My counseling intervention: It was a learning experience for me

Presented to: Rev. Dr. G. Shobaham
Presented by: Binu B Peniel (M.Th- 1)
Background of the client
Radhakrishnan is a seventh Standard student at the Seminary School and a member of the Boarding hostel run by the seminary. Presenting problem is the lack of concentration in studies. He has two siblings and his family is undergoing serious financial crisis due to an accidental financial lose.
Counsellor: 1. My name is Binu B. Peniel and I do my counseling studies in this seminary. Can you introduce yourself and tell something about your family?
Counselee: 1. My name is Radhakrishnan, I do my seventh standard studies here in this school. I have one elder brother and one younger sister at home. My father is doing some furniture work. My mother is at home and not doing any job. 
Counsellor: 2. Radhakrishnan I am happy to hear about you and about your family and if you have any difficulty that you are going through at this hostel or studies, I will be happier to hear about that.
Counselee: 2. I haven’t paid the fees for this academic year in the hostel. My father doesn’t have any job now. My family is undergoing difficult time in relation with the financial matters.
Counsellor: 3. Radhakrishnan I understand that you and your family is going through some financial crisis. Then it is interesting to note that you understand the situation of your family.
Counselee: 3. My father had enough work. We had a big furniture workshop. He use to work hard and make a lot furniture and we use to sell them in the near city and that is the way we make our living. Last year an unfortunate thing happened. We ended up in a huge debt and we lost our home and workshop. It was after this all the trouble started.
Counsellor: 4. Radhakrishnan I am sorry to hear about the accidental lose of your dad’s work environment and the preceding troubles that followed you and your family. Can you tell me more about how this is troubling you at this point of time and how you understand the difficulties?
Counselee: 4. We were really struggling without finance. Some time we did not had much to eat at home. That it the reason why I am ended up in staying this hostel. When we almost sleep I hear my father and mother talking about the troubles going on. Then they are also suspicious about how they will take care of my needs. Then both will sit and cry. I often hear about that when I was at home. This almost kills my sleep and I also feel sad and depressed about that. Now I have no clue about how will I pay the fees?
Counsellor: 5. Radhakrishnan when you think about the question of how you will pay the fees and the helpless situation of your parents you feel depressed and confused. At this time what you do at this depressed state.
Counselee: 5. I never say this to any persons. I don’t like anyone coming to know about my situation and problems.
Counsellor: 6. What you think will happen if you say to others about your problems.
Counselee: 6. I only say any of my difficulties to my mother and if I say to her she will be much worried. I love my mother so much. I don’t like to see her struggling and crying.
Counsellor: 7. Radhakrishnan love your mother so much and you don’t like to see your mother crying. So now what you do is, you never share it with any one. You try to hide your problems deep down inside your heart and you carry the pain and you almost cry inside your heart.
Counselee: 7. I feel and think about my problems while my teachers are teaching. I also think about the struggle my father and mother is going through. I never hear anything or never give attention to my teachers.             
Counsellor: 8. In your relationship with the teachers your behavior is to never give attention to their teaching because you are centered on your problems and as well us you never share your problems with them. How about in other personal relationships?
Counselee: 8. I don’t have any close friends. Jobin is coming from near my home. When I play with him, in the midst of that I think about my parents and I stop playing with him and I go to the room and sit over there in a lonely place. Then Nithin will get angry and he will start hating me and he never there after interact with me.
Counsellor: 9. Radhakrishnan you never even able to concentrate on playing any game. Then how is your relationship with your siblings.
Counselee: 9. I am so close to my younger sister. But when I feel down or think about my situation, I go to the bed and facing the wall I lay down there. I will never interact with her. I will not talk for about some time. Then my mother will come and call me and ask me what happened, I will say nothing happened to me.
Counsellor: 10.  Then how about your studies?
Counselee: 10. I am never able to concentrate on my studies. Then I am also not able to acquire much marks in the studies. I don’t have anyone to help me. I like myself to be alone in a place.  This is my style.
Counsellor 11. Now Radhakrishnan responding to the problem and the effects of the problem I will explain to you in the following words.
Radhakrishnan is not able to concentrate on your studies because you concentrate much on your problems.
Radhakrishnan is not able to spent fruitful time with your friends because you bring your problems into your relationships.
At home Radhakrishnan spent time mostly in a withdrawn position so you are not able to spent fruitful time with your sister, brother and parents.
Radhakrishnan is not able to share your problems with your sister and mother whom you like and love so much. Thinking that they will also get worried about that.
In the school and in this boarding also you are spending your time in a withdrawn position because you are not able to open enough with your teachers and friends.  
Counselee: 11. Sir what you said is very much true.
Counsellor: 12. Radhakrishnan what will happen if you share your problem with the people whom you love.
Counselee: 12. Sir, I think I need to share it with them, I mean my problems. I think this will kind of help me to reduce my tensions.  

Counsellor: 13. Radhakrishnan can you tell me what you wanted to be in life and what is your goal in life.
Counselee: 13. I wanted to be a civil engineer; I wanted to build a nice home for me and for my family.
Counsellor:14. Radhakrishnan I appreciate your dream.
Counselee: 14. Ok
Counsellor: 15. Radhakrishnan have you read anything about our former President.
Counselee: 15.  Yes I have to study about him in my class.

Counsellor: 16. He has grown up as a child with/from a very poor background. His response toward life was different. He was summing against the flow. If so how will you respond to your problems?
Counselee: 16.  Any way it will take some more time to solve all the financial problems. My father is working hard and God is also there to help us. Then I will respond to the life situations differently. I will study and concentrate on my studies. I will be happy to play with my friends. I will share my problems with my mother, sister and close friends. I will interact with my brother and others in the family. I will seek the help of my teachers for my studies.
Counsellor: 17. Radhakrishnan tell me what will be the benefit of doing so. 
Counsellor: 17. I will be able to help my dream come true.
Counsellor: 18. May the God help you to bring your dream come true.
Counsellor: 18. Sir thank you for the time you spent with me and thank you for helping me.

Psychological understanding and counselor’s evaluation:

I was able to help out Radhakrishnan about the way in which he is responding to the situations and present problems. There are so many place a leading question was necessary because the energy level of the client is very low and he is not an outspoken. His basic character of withdrawal was very much evident through out the conversation. I need to further help him to understand his withdrawal symptoms.  

Binu B. Peniel 
Nassau, The Bahamas 


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