My first personal counseling Intervention: Verbatim

Presented to: Rev. Dr. G. Shobaham
Presented by: Binu B. Peniel
Background of the client
Leela is showing withdrawal symptoms from all social life and communications by pretending that she is having cold and fever. She is also undergoing some emotional disturbances due to her son who is a psychiatric patient showed some kind of up normalcy in the behavior. The church member referred to me this case understanding her need. I visited her home and she was in the bed due to the shock of her son regaining the psychiatric sickness.   
Counsellor: 1. Introduced himself.
Counselee: 1. she also introduced herself and told me that she is not feeling well due to cold and fever.
Counsellor: 2. Aunty, I understand you are struggling due to the cold and fever. 
Counselee: 2. (She started crying). Yes I am struggling not because I have some cold and fever but because I am thinking so much about my son and his future. 
Counsellor: 3. Aunty beyond your sickness, you said you are concerned about your son and you are anxious about his future.
Counselee: 3. I have two sons. My eldest one is a pastor in a very reputed church. I am very happy about him. My youngest son is now undergoing some psychiatric treatment in the hospital. He was all right for many years.  It was last week again he started with some problems. (She is still crying) Now he needs two hectors rubber estates and a brand new car. He was not happy to get married but now he got a son. He doesn’t like his wife. Now he use to trouble and persecute her and wants to send her home with the demand for more money (Dowry system). Day before yesterday she was sitting near to him while in the family prayer and he got irritated for no reasons and stated to beat her and he even physically harmed his own father. He chased me all the way near to the drinking well. We all some have got into the house and we lacked the door putting him out of the house that night. We tremble and fear staying at this house. Now he is inside the house not talking or responding to anything. Showing the room in which he is locked and saying. He never takes food or medicine. Now again I am become a talk in the town and God’s name is spoiled.
Counsellor: 4. Aunty I can understand the pain and suffering you are going through. Your son’s physical and emotional persecution you are not able to face it. You are in a shock and very much upset about this especially when this sickness struck him again unexpectedly. And now you think this is creating shame for God’s name. You are in a helpless situation.
Counselee: 4. We can’t blame him for this. It is we who created this trouble. We send him to a Bible college with out his genuine interest. Last month he was send out from the Bible college because he showed some kind of up normality during the prayer time. Now every one in the Bible College know about his problems, which is a shame for my elder son. We suppose not to have done this....
Counsellor: 5. Aunty now you think and interpret that it is your intervention created this trouble to him by sending him to the Bible College and also regret and feel guilty about your son’s situation especially thinking that your elder son’s name is spoiled due to this.....
Counselee: 5. Now I also feel regretted much about his marriage. I almost troubled this girl and the family and now not only him but his wife and a child.
Counsellor: 6. Now you feel regretted and guilty about your son, daughter in law and about your grand child because you think you have contributed much to this situation. 
Counselee: 6. we had arranged his marriage and it was at the last movement the marriage got canceled, due to the brides party coming to know about my son’s past sickness. There was only two days left and we almost arranged everything for his marriage. We were almost had no clue about what to do. (Still crying)
Counsellor: 7. After some time of silence, Ok then.
Counselee: 7. It was my uncle who brought this alliance. This girl does not have a mother or father. My son did not like this girl. The arrangement was done within two days. We almost compelled him to go forward with this marriage. (Still crying)
Counsellor: 8. Ok then (it feels like she wanted to continue to say something)
Counselee: 8. Then after some time when they were in his uncles house, they talked about this issue and he left her in that house and he came back. He also showed some kind of up normality at that time. It was from there the issue started. Then some time he was admitted in the hospital.  When she gave birth to this child (showing the child) he was admitted in the hospital. Then he almost becomes normal and they were living a happy life. Being at home, he again stopped taking medicine on a regular basis.   
Counsellor: 9. I think you carry the pain of your family and all that is happening in your family. You take even the blame on you of your son’s marriage.
Counselee: 9. I have gone though much pain in life. My husband was a drunkard. I have faced countless sleepless nights in my life. (Again crying) I know my God will not leave me nor forsake me. Even though Daniel was thrown into the burning fire and the den of lions God was with him, the same God whom I am serving will also help me I am sure about this.  
Counsellor: 10 On the one side you have the confidence about what God will do but on the other side you continue to struggle with present problems and I also understand you are as a person someone gone through much pain in life.
Counselee: 10. My husband was working very hard physical job. He uses to go for tapping the rubber for collecting milk. But almost all the money he use to spent in the toddy shop. He uses to beat me very badly. It was very difficult for me to rise up the two of my son’s. I use to go for the house cleaning jobs and with that little money I raised them up. But now you see my situation has not developed from that end. Only one good thing happened to me in life is my Christian personal experience. My husband also use to doubt me and about my faithfulness as a wife. I was from a Hindu background came to the Lord when I was twenty years old.  Before that my family had the plan to send me married to my cousin. (Muracherukkan- according to Hindu customs). My husband knows about that. We dropped that plan when we become Christians and it was after two years I got married to him. Last 35 years of my married life I was doubted by my husband.    
Counsellor: 11. I understand the trouble you have gone through due to having a husband who is doubtful, a drunkard, and beating you.
Counselee: 11. He uses to beat me very badly after all the occasions when I meet with that cousin and I use to avoid all the possibilities to meet that person. Even I use to avoid going for any of my family functions.
Counsellor 12.  On the one side I can understand the behavior of your husband and his reaction towards you being a doubtful person.
Counselee: 12. I use to withdrew from the society and he never use to talk to me for some time. Even though we had a married life of 35 years, at least half of the time we never talked or interacted.
Counsellor: 13. In psychology we call it as a game people play. Some relationship issues happen. The person think or interpret this in the irrational logic and the end result both the parties withdrew from the situation and go into solitude, it goes for sometime and then the person come back to the normalcy. This became a repeated behavioral pattern and then the person develops this as his or her own personality behavioral pattern.
Counselee: 13. That is true, this is my behavioral pattern.
Counsellor: 14. I wanted to make certain things clear to you at this point.(Stigmatization)
·         First of all the connection between your present behavioral pattern of withdrawing from the society when the issue of your son has came up: Becoming violent being a psychiatric patent.You regret about the wedding you conducted for your son. Is there any thing you can do to resolve that problem.  Are there any other resources other than your spirituality (God) to resolve your present problems? The few things I wanted to make it clear to you especially about the Psychiatric sickness. Some have make sure at any cost you refer your son a good doctor and make sure from your part that he continue the medicine and the treatment till the doctor say him to stop the medication. If you still face the problem from your husband, let me refer and tell you some thing about the sickness called paranoia. Can you consult some good doctors in order to find out the possibility of paranoia prescribe some medication.
Counselee: 14. No I will pray for that and I prefer to do that.............(This signifies her problem to be in that pattern of life, this need to be explored further......)
Counsellor: 15. I am also happy that you have a great faith and expectation in God.
Counselee: 15. My God shall help me for sure. He will never leave me nor forsake me. My God is with me at this juncture. That is the only thing I need in life.
Counsellor: 16. Can I pray for you (prayed for the client and for her family).
Clinical understanding and counselor’s evaluation:
1.   The paranoid symptoms need to be addressed further: Paranoia is a mental disorder characterized by extreme suspiciousness and delusions of persecution. If these signs are accompanied by delusions and obvious disorder of thought and flatness of affect, they need to seek psychiatric treatment and, possibly, hospitalization.
2. The client’s Son need to undergo psychiatric help and continue the medication.
3.   We need to further rollout the external problems, its affects and withdrawal symptoms of the client. The client is only an IP (identified patient in the family system).
4.   It is ok to rollout the possibility of over dependent on the spirituality and blaming it on God for what is happening in the surrounding situation without the client taking the responsibility over it. 
5. Explore further about the clients part to be submissive in undergoing that situation. 


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