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Father Abraham is often referred as being the "father of many religions." Gen.17;4  "And in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed. Christianity, Jews, Islam all claims their origin with father Abraham. Even some other East Asian religions also claim the ancestral origin with Father Abraham. The Biblical character of Abraham is very interesting.  Father Abraham had gone through THE TEST OF RELATIONSHIP, THE TEST SACRIFICE AND THE TEST OF FAITH…….., in other words a continuous internal and external conflicts in his life personal, social and family life. 

In the post modern context an unexpected economic recession (slowdown the economic activities) which causes a lot conflicts in the professional world. This also tested the interpersonal and internal skills of conflict resolution. Even though the recession created a lot of advantages on the one side, many people have lost a lot of cool friends, money, job and even some family members during this recession because of the unexpected economic pressure and the lack of skills to handle it.  

Conflict resolution is a range of methods for alleviating or eliminating sources of conflict. Dispute arises in the professional and personal environment. Great relationships develop not from the absence of conflict, but from influential agreeable pattern for how to resolve conflicts. In the Clinical Psychotherapist settings also we take initial contract with the clients as a process of healing. Defining the rules of engagement for how you "fight" with someone or how you win an argument is more important than never having a disagreement. All the games are followed though rules and rule of engagement. Anger is a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility. It is ok to be angry but how you express you negative emotions are very important in conflict management and resolution. 

“In the common wealth of the Bahamas where the wealth are not common for its citizens”, this is a same complain I hear while I was living in India. The situations are not different among many other common wealth nations around the world. The Arab spring is the outcome of intolerance to this kind of injustice. This also has relevance with the postmodern deconstruction of the structures. For the tourist and astronomers Bahamas is a paradise of the world. For the investors, trust companies Bahamas is a tax heaven. For the trade and economic world Bahamas is the back door to the Americas. To the world travelers it is one of the fifty best places in the world to visit in your life time. For Poor and middle class Bahamas is one of the most expensive place to live. For the consumerist world it is one of the most expensive places in this hemisphere. It is one of the closest third world countries to the most powerful nation in the world. For the fast food chains it is the fastest money making centers. Japan car manufactures it is the dumping ground for old user cars. For the product manufactures it is the consumerist heaven. Electronic companies it is a place to resell the used products. For the underwater divers the blue holes are world wonders. For the Ministers of God a safest place to start their own franchisee. For the prophetic world it is the prototype of the New Jerusalem. And the list goes on and on..........

Drug and sex trafficking, money laundering, brocken family system, single parenting, lack of education or lack of skills for reasoning, murders, Gang fights, Gun fight, gang rape, political disparities and clashes, human trafficking, corruptions, illegal workforce, discrimination based on classes and financial status, gender disparities, addiction and alcoholism, Chinese market invasion, higher murder rate are common to all of us and everyday we live with it. Unfortunately our community is where mediocrity considered to be a normalcy. We have issues to resolve.....   

Father Abraham won the conflict of relationship (Conflict with Lot his brother) by giving him the choice. Today when the choice become an over choice, can we give the choice to our brother in our family, in our church and in our social system. Can we wait for our brother on the road to pass by......Can we open the door for some one to get in.............. Abraham could have told LOT, yes I am one called by the God the ALL MIGHTY and the promise is to me and to my children. But Abraham was convinced and believed in the Lord and said the land is yours and you take your decisions which one you want. The choice is given to the brother.  He had taken the best for his yes..............but we know the rest of the story. Our choice need to be in the light of eternity.

The Test of Sacrifice was won by Abraham by obeying the call of God. If God was faithful when he called you out of the rich and developed city called Ur he will also be faithful to you no matter where you are. If God called you during the the riches time in the history he will also be faithful to during the recession and post recession. 

The test of Faith was won by Abraham by destroying or giving less value to the traditions, patterns, idols and every other practices which were familiar to Abraham.

“Any fool can start a conflict but only a man of God can solve it” that man was Father Abraham. 

Father Abraham had many sons...Many sons had Father Abraham...I am one of them and so are you. So let's all praise the Lord and resolve our conflict based on the Biblical principles.  
Binu B. Peniel
2013 (C)


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