Within this short span of life, I got an opportunity to work very closely with few good people, I am mean good leaders. Sometimes I wonder, why does good people do bad things? There is often a big difference between who we think we are and who we show our self to the outside world.  Every one is a world by itself. The enlightenment of the self comes not by imagination but by discovering the dark self. The story of “the pencil” is all about the dark part, the most useful thing.  Is there anyone who is a zero in this world? According to my understanding and practice in the clinical pastoral counseling, I realize that there is no one who is zero in this world. Everyone has the right and space in this world for growth and success.

It is normal to experience guilt and shame when we hurt other people, but for some, cruelty can be pleasurable and exciting. This phenomenon is known as "Schadenfreude." People, who are hurt by others, tend to hurt other people. It is generational and contagious. Jealousy and envy are highly correlated. Sometimes I deeply pray in the presence of God to help me forgive those who hurt me and help me not to inflict pain on those around me.

Once Jewish scholar wrote a book titled as "when bad things happen to good people". God sees not as man sees; for man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart. When I speak of good people doing bad things, I am reminded about St. Paul's statement: Though I know the good, I do not do the good.

One of my old friend once said a story about a grandmother who prayed, Lord bless me like my neighbor but the Lord did not answer her prayers, so she changed her prayers, Lord make my neighbor just like me.

The Bible talks that no one is good except God alone. If that is the case we need to change the title as why bad thing happen to God's people. Good thing and bad thing happen to everyone. When disciples ask the question to Jesus why this evil happened to him.....Jesus' answer was not because of his sin or his parent’s sin, but for the Glory of God. Yes, there is a radical change in perspective. God did not create evil. Just as darkness is the absence of light, evil is the absence of God. Hence when bad thing happen to God's people or good people, it is for the glory of God. 

Binu B. Peniel
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