Just like we do in the Freudian 'dream analysis in the Psychodynamics field I thought I will allegorically interpret this picture for my readers. The picture was copied from the collection of George Ebeneezer (1) a friend of mine who recently visited one of the seashore in India. Sorry for my allegorical and statistical interpretation in this blog. According to George, this boy had never been to the school. According to UNICEF the latest data indicates there are 7.57 million children between the ages 5 to 10 who are not attending school in the South Asia region. Another 25.29 million children between the ages 11 to 13 should be in secondary education but are not in school at all. These numbers make South Asia the region with the second highest number of children not getting an education. According to the US national statistics the number of students enrolled in the nations elementary through high School this year is around 55.5 Million. More than half number of those children in South Asia not attending the school.
When I saw the picture, I thought about many things including the blog I wrote previously called “Educate the Indians and educate the world”. The above picture speaks 1000 words. This picture has following objects or elements in it. He is carrying a fish and dressed up with an older men’s dress (shirt) and background speaks about his life and about his anticipation of the future. The parked old boats speaks about his parents or neighbors who are hardworking fisher men. He never been to a school is not a surprise. That is not a norm for his life or the life of his parents. They believe in hard work, hands on training and luck. If they get some good catch they will blame it on luck and if not they blame it on fate.
There are many other objects we see in this picture. His laugh and confidence talk a lot about his ownership of his life. Carrying a fish in his hand talks about his skills already acquired. The fishing net that is cleaned and some yet to be cleaned talks about the requirement and hard work of this type of job. There are two crows that talk about the sharing element of his catch. Then in the shadow there is a telephone or internet tower speaks about the development happening in the shadow of his life. The sand speaks about the countless numbers and his eyes looking at the sea talks about the beauty around him. I also see the green trees in the background which gives me confidence about the future. Then there is a shadow of his appearance only visible to the photographer.   There is a hut made of coconut leaf. I am sure this will create shadow for the working fisherman who wants to clear the net or a place for the tourist to take rest or owned by the venture who sell the tender coconut. 

What will be Jesus’s approach to him was my question? What will Jesus do (WWJD)? I called him Peter Jr. because the kingdom of God is for such as these who are poor in spirit. Peter Jr. is not alone. He represents 430 million children, the world’s largest child population with every sixth child in the world referring to India as home. Children constitute over a third of India’s population, their interest are not a top priority and their rights are violated every day.  
During one of my missionary journey I had an experience which I will never forget as long as I live. As we were visiting a place we passed by a beautiful beach, we happened to get stuck with our heavy vehicle in one of the sea shore in Pattam, near to Kannayakumari, the southern tip of India. Seeing our situation  the fishermen's said if we leave these Christian gospel workers without helping them we are not going to get anything while we go to the sea. Around 70 people came together and helped us with their hand to get out our vehicle from the sandy ditch. This is the nature of these innocent fishermen. The calling of God is same even today no matter to Peter Sr. or Peter Jr. Jesus said come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 
 Binu B. Peniel
2015 (C)


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