Dr. King was called a Fellow untouchable from United States of America

Martin Luther King during his trip to India in 1959 he was called "a fellow untouchable from United States of America." I am ashamed being an Indian origin and an Indian descendent when I came to know about this while I was reading it online. I ask you sorry on behalf of my people.  

Dr King told the members of the church and I quote: "I remember when Mrs. King and I were in India we journeyed down one afternoon to the southernmost part of India to the city of Trivandrum in Kerala. That afternoon I was to speak at a high school. This particular school was attended by large students who were children of former untouchables." They introduced me as a fellow untouchable from United States of America.

Indian struggle continues against the discrimination based on color and class. India even in the 21st Century can be called as a land of skin whitening creams, supremacy over an unarticulated colorism and caste infiltrated structure. Skin whitening creams are half a billion $ industry in India and it is growing every year around 25%.
The untouchables are called in India as Dalits, Harijans, low-caste, persons out side of caste system. The untouchability or discrimination will not end from this world until it ends among the Dalits communities in India.  

Dalit women face the paradox of being socially untouchable and polluted but still being exploited in the most intimate spheres of their existence. We can't build anything including a nation or morality on the foundation of caste system or discrimination. The main barrier in breaking the chain is the lack of education especially the English education. English education is still a far-way dream for the most of the Dalits in India. To make this people independent by developing entrepreneur skills will be another great way of breakthrough for this group of people, keeping in mind they are hard working community in India. Indian progress can only be measured by the progress of the women in a community, which includes the Dalit women.

Give the Dalit children the freedom they deserve, which is their human right, a freedom from the bondage of untouchabliilty, a freedom to choose their own destiny and dignity. Dalits are a vulnerable community consist of more than 300 million people in India exploited and to some extend trafficked for sex and labor. Romans had their slaves, the Americans their Negroes, the Germans their Jews, so the Hindus their untouchables. Please get in touch with me if you would like to create a tangible effects for this group of people in India.

Bible Says in Gal: 5: 1; It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then and do not let yourselves be burdened again by the yoke of slavery.



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