Christian Leadership in Crisis in South East Asia

Christian Leadership in Crisis in South and South East Asia

My wife often asks me the question what keeps me awake till late night? I often say, the mission of God or God’s work in reaching the unreached. When some times I go to bed late night like 2 or 3 O’clock or while I sleep only few hours per day I know it was my desire to join with God in what He is doing. Today as I think about the alarming need for training International Christian leaders especially in South and South East Asian countries, I am awake with this idea until I deliver the idea to my friends circle.

Do you know the fact that there is only one formally trained Christian leader for every 450,000 people outside of United States of America?  In the 10/40 window, there are 5 million pastors who don’t have any access to any biblical training.  50,000 new churches are established every year in 10/40 window. This alarm the need for more training and training centers in South East Asia. Now it is more easy to train them using the new training modules designed through Internet and information technology.

I can personally identify with this need, when I was working with a Christian organization, trying to reach the unreached walking on the foot, traveling by train and constantly moving from one place to another, speaking a different languages, literature distribution, open air preaching, I had no formal biblical training. I made lot of mistakes but I had more trust in God and dependents on God for every need, including words on my mouth, food, shelter and even safety. I had witnessed many people coming to know the Lord first time in their life through our work.  

When we deal with the growing third world Christians we think they only need the outdated, irrelevant Christian literature. We often say in the theological circle, the third world theologians are around 20 or more years outdated than the western growing theologians. C.S. Lewis once said; “ The world does not need more Christian literature. What it needs is more Christians writing good literature”. Most of the challenge faced by the Christian leadership in South East Asia is that they need to compromise themselves to outdated and irrelevant resources.

Jesus’ conversation with the Samaritan women in John: 4: 22 says; “You worship what you do not know; we worship what we know, for salvation is from the Jews.” Tell me, how will the 400+ million people who live in India and have never heard the gospel once, know the gospel, until someone tells them and guides them to the truth. Sometimes how we tell the truth in the postmodern framework is also relevant.  I always remember when I think about reaching the unreached and developing the native leaders in South East Asia “why every one hear the Gospel twice before every one has heard it once. It is our Christian responsibility to join with God in obeying HIM in going or in the process of sending or disobeying because 97% of the unreached live in 10/40 Window.

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