Building Relationships: The key to establish and reclaim the Kingdom

Building Relationships: The Key to Establish and Reclaim the Kingdom

The greatest gift you can give to somebody is your own personality development. We often hear the statement in love relationship if you take care of me I will take care of you, but the reality or the right perspective is “I will take care of me for you, if you take care of you for me.” The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction (communication), both are transformed. 

One of the greatest gifts from God is the miracle of relationship. One of the greatest challenges of today’s society is that we are not making neighbors but enemies. We are call to be authentic rather than perfect in our relationship. People who are authentic do not need to worry about expressing their opinions and worldview even if it is different from the majority world and they see harmonious symphony in all life situations. Cross of Jesus has vertical and horizontal dimensions, which resembles the Christ relationship and relationship with the neighbor.

With the increased modernization, westernization and isolated nuclear families within the family system create greater challenges to authentic relationship. For some people life is a struggle and they feel tired of stressed relationships. A supportive environment and a safe place required for overcoming obstacles to emotional and physical healing.  For a healthy relationship we need to have a healthy personality, healthy perspective, healthy value system etc.  People struggle with unhealthy and insecure attachment, ego, arrogance, jealousy, anger, greed, poor communication, third party involvement and lack of problem solving abilities all fuel unhealthy relationships. 

There are toxic relationships even then some people stick with it for life.  To walk away from any relationship is painful.  There is no relationship that can be built without taking the intentional efforts. Research says only five percentages of the leaders are visionaries.  I happened to get into some relationships that were toxic. Relationship with a leader. It took for me months and some years to unlearn and detach from that relationship. 

When we are in this kingdom business, we are entering into a life of influence or a life of destruction. The greatest challenge in connection with the Kingdom of God is our un-willingness to understand the message of the kingdom. The dreams of golden streets and heavenly bliss have blinded us with our responsibilities on earth.

When God blessed Abraham the intention of God was to bless the nations. When we understand the nation, we are talking about the cultures or systems. There are many influential mountains that are connected with cultures and systems. I would like to list at least 10 of them such as: Religion and spirituality, Family and Human relationships, Education, Government and politics, Media and Communications, Arts and design, Business and Economics, Time, Social systems and behaviors, Philosophy and ideologies. God's idea was to establish the kingdom and our mission is to reclaim the kingdom. Your kingdom comes on earth as it is in Heaven.

Building relationship, unlike chemistry, unlike algebra, unlike literature or history is a pathway to life with gratitude and it is the key to establish the Kingdom of God on earth and to reclaim the lost Kingdom.


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