Aghori : The Tragic and Nasty Face of Hinduism

Aghori : The Tragic and Nasty Face of Hinduism 
I am not politically correct when I write my above title, at the same time I don't need to apologize for exposing a serious group of people within Hinduism. This is the nasty and tragic face for the western and civilized world but not for the traditional hindu who practices mantras and tantras. I am facinated to know that even post-modern hinduism never condemn those practices. 

The more you become religious in hinduism the devotees become more irrational, illogical and unscientific, even some time nasty and tragic. The aghori monks who believe that the body is inconsequential and blood are simply transitory. To my western audience let me say before you start following eastern spirituality be careful about what you follow and believe. 
The Aghori (Sanskrit -aghora) are ascetic Shaiva sadhus. The Aghori are known to engage in post-mortem rituals. They were also known for few things such as having sex with the dead bodies, eating human flesh, drinking urine, eating stool, prefered to have sex with women while they are having their menstruation. The are connected with mantras, tantras and marijuana. They often use marijuana, believing that it will keep them concentrate on the religious mantras. An interview with an Aghori says: The reasons why they do outrageous practices to the outside world is to find purity in the filthiest. They do it through having sex with the corpse and eating human brains and still connect with god. In their core belief they also follow five "M" such as: Madya (Alcohol), Mamsa (Flesh or meat), Mtsya (Fish), Mudra ( Kundalini yoga), Maithuna (sexual intercourse learned from sriguru). A true aghori is also considered to be an abode of ghosts and evil spirits. 

Aghori sadhus are said to be an 1000 years old tradition that exist in varanasi (Banaras) along the bank of the river Ganga. They believe in profanity as the route to Nirvana or salvation or free from the cycle of reincarnation. They have very nasty appetite, where they will eat what the civilized human being will not eat such as rotten food, food from dump site, animal faeces, animal urine, putrefying human corpses which are often eaten in a cup made of human skull. They seem to have their own reasons for their nasty appetite. Consumption of excreta is said to kill ego and derail the human perception of beauty, which is essential for a person to lead his or her life as an Aghora. They also practice cannibalism openly even though they don't kill human beings for the same purpose, they only consume corpses from creation ground. They have certain rituals and worship connected with that. They are also known for moving around without cloth and has a creepy sense of fashion. They also have unscientific claims to heal the terminal illness like AIDS and Cancer through the 'human oil,' which is extracted or collected from burning human flesh or burning pyre.  Certain Aghori claim the power of black magic, tantric power, control over the environment and force of nature through pleasing lord shiva and kali. 

As I said in my previous blog why I don't follow yoga or hindu practices including saying the greetings Namasta, because of these historic and religious connections. One can't separate between way of life and hinduism. The aghori way of life is the way of religion even while they practice certain type of yoga. Many christians in the western world including the millennials have no idea about religion and faith practices. There are a billion reasons to thank God for your christian faith, tradition and life. When one become religious according to Christian belief and practices they never take the negative path for salvation (which is destruction) and it is not the way of Jesus Christ. The quality of Christian life can be summed up totally in different ways. The enlightenment and scientific development in the western world is due to the sole purpose of worshiping the true God and following the light. Our spiritual pathway is not leading us to destructions but blessings, contentment, joy, happiness, self control (fruit of the spirit...), prosperity and life satisfaction.  

Thank you Jesus for what I  have, thank you Jesus for enlightening my heart, thank you Jesus for helping me to rationalize my faith, thank you for the miracles, thank you for Jesus the truth, light and life. 

Binu Peniel (C) Sept- 2016


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