God Is Hiring: A Call To Be A Herald

God Is Hiring: A Call To Be A Herald

Until you win your inner self you will not be able to be a winner or successful individual. Even though the road to success is always under construction, the most important person in your life that you are answerable is just YOU, the small voice within you. A journey to be a good writer comes only through re-writing. As a blogger and researcher and pastor I use to get frustrated not writing well or not writing enough.
This week I learned a fundamental principle in my writing life.  A good writer is produced in the lab of rewriting. It is not always what you can do but what God can do through you. It sometimes takes only your availability to be present. In the counseling and chaplaincy class we talk about “holiness of presence.” We are what we do repeatedly and excellence is not an act but a habit.

Being in Ohio and studying at United which was founded by the Father of Wright brothers who made a history, who change the world by flying. For the last two and half years I see the spirit of Wright Brothers and the spirit of innovation. The spirit to fly. Thinking outside of the box. Thinking about the possibilities. I believe everyone has the capacity to fly.  I often make this comparison in life between an helicopter and an intercontinental flight. The helicopter needs only a helipad, but the large flights needs a long runways. If you are running larger and longer in your runways remember that  you are an intercontinental flight, you are heavier than an helicopter, you have the capacity to carry many helicopters inside of you.  

Two of my friends recently published few songs and two of them got hit and they all of a sudden became very famous in our community. I am so happy about them and for them, but at the same time I was wondering how about other friends who had more talents, gifts, resources etc. I have seen 100’s of Christians in my personal connections die with the songs in them, the books in them, the dreams in them. Remember this : No one will sing your music, no one will read your book, no one will write your book, no one will see your dream if you die with them. Graveyard is the diamond mine of unfulfilled dreams. 

Some time when you think you are invisible, your work is not. One of my personal experience is that I had close to 100,000 people visiting my blog as of today. That is every month more than a thousand people. The story of the pencil is very powerful, wherever you go you will make a very legible mark if you are available in the hand of someone. 

I have seen a lot of people towards the end of their life especially when I worked with a retirement community as part of my CPE training. The lesson I have learned from them was if you want not to regret about your life at the end of life please have no regret each day of your life. Enjoy the journey not only the destination. Make every person feel better as they move out of your presence. I had no luxury in life to believe in the rejection letter. Believe in yourself and if  you don’t no one will do that for you. Go make something possible with your life and start where and what you know. 

When God call you He got a great plan to make you a hero. Can you be God's hero? Christian life is not a entertainment voyage but a rescue mission. You might have heard many stories of firefighters, police officers, political and religious leaders. One of my greatest hero is my mother. Your life could be very simple and unspectacular, but every influential and worthwhile. Susan Wesley’s life story is very powerful in this regard.The more you believe in abundance the more it believe in you. There are history makers in your bloodline, all you need to be that powerful person, the hero, for others.

These days I work on a concept of ten influential cultural centers (places) where God is calling you.  Things don’t happen to you but they happened for you and for others. We are the some total of what happened to us (10%) and how we respond to what happened to us (90%).When a woman is pregnant for the first few months she doesn't look any different. The question is are you pregnant with any possibilities. When the realities of your identity is depends on others approval and some time we feel illegitimate, as a mistake, not receive any acceptance in the society you need to reprogram your software. You need to reprogram all the negative things people said about you. The possibility is that you can become what God created you to be. Remember to water the good seeds that you wanted to grow. The scripture tells us to guard our mind. You control your doorway to  what you allow inside your home. You have the freedom to dwell on negative thoughts, derogatory comments or I invite you to use the delete command on your system and dwell on the positive aspects of life. If you want to reach highest potentials you have to get good at hitting the delete button. We are programmed to life as victorious, abundant and faith-filled life. Our mind is programmed like a computer. God's call is to reprogram your mind and think yourself to victory. We are called to redesign destiny of the kingdom.

Power is an inside job. Men are taught to apologize for their weakness and women are taught to apologize for their strength. Time is short. My counseling experience in the hospital settings I ask the question deep inside of my what should I say them within this short span of time that will help them or bless them. We often end-up in praying for them. We are called to me the message of victory, deliverance, comfort and hope. As the song write says Israel, Israel God is calling, Calling thee from land of woe...


Binu Peniel (C) 2016


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