The content Trap: What religious leaders need to do in the in the wisdom age

The Content Trap: What Religious Leaders Need to Know in the Wisdom Age 

This generation is drowning in information but starving for knowledge. The future of technology is journeying into connectivity.
In the world of screenification the content trap is the creation, distribution of relevant, valuable content designed to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood audience with the objectivity to drive profitable customer interaction or in the religious context developing engaging audience or followers. It is the creation, distribution, relevance and engagements. We don't need to fear the future because we can shape them. The strategy is about shaping the future. Some time I wonder why people are buried in the past because they are afraid about the present and future? The strategy is the art of possibility to do things in the future that are not possible today. It is about adaption and being flexible reaction to real world and real situations. The content trap was also the strategy of the present but the future is content with connectivity. It is delivering the content that the audience demand and deliver to them in the places they GO. This connectivity is to complete the repeatable system that manage the content throughout the content lifecycle. Content with connectivity will leverage your reach or help you achieve your mission. This will help you measure communication with influence and result. It reduces the noise and create great values. It should address the mission objective and not the content objectives.  We are in a journey between suspect and prospect. The postmodern church is grown in its suspect and not in its prospect. In the content trap we ask the question how many people viewed, downloaded, listened to this piece of content, but in the future we redefine connectivity and ask the question how many people engaged in this content. Remember, forms, pdf and other large vocabularies are enemies of spread. We are called to be a digital dandelion in the information age. There is a saying in the tech world; If your mom or wife or girlfriend won't share your content it is not good enough. The mission is not to be good at content but creating a sustainable missional ministry model. 

The world is quickly changing but all the changes are not always good or we are not ready for many of the changes. The greatest danger in time of turbulence is not the turbulence itself but to act with the logic of yesterday.
Mobile already became your next brain and extension to human capabilities. The search engines won't wait for you to ask for information. They will know you like a friend, aware of your interest and needs. The church will become a global community like never before and it will create huge opportunities. The digital divide will be removed and digital resource and its availability will be human right. We have shifted from ownership of data to accessibility of data. The best product was the matter all through the history, but now it depends on who tell the best story and the story that connect. Many of my preacher friends says I don’t expose the content online, because my contents are not perfect. Yes I want to eventually produce some good contents. I want to start this blog with a profound statement: "Connections are more important than content." When I started blogging few years back, as I was a beginner I created a lot of contents.  My question to you today is what is next big thing after this information revolution or information age? I call it the wisdom age. The question is how will each one of us take this smooth transition possible from content to connection. Some argue that this information age will never end. Even-though they are right it will never and never end but will never be the same. Creating the content or “content is the king” was the slogan of the age. The boundaries are removed and the privacy's are lost.  But we are moving to a different age I called the wisdom age where content will be the queen and connection will be the king. 

The information age changed and impacted everything even the things we hear, watch and read. Even today it is touching our cars, taxis, classified, hotels, airlines, banking, fashion, newspapers, books, movies, TV, education and music. This information age let the church at the bleeding edge of technology. The laboratories of change were distinct, innovation and reinvention are happening simultaneously everywhere. It is very crucial for the church and its leaders ask this question what is the next new thing or big thing? The prophets, predictors of the future went wrong all the time. It is draining and leaving empty every soul. People are looking for politics and its leaders to find the answers. Some people are looking at new age spirituality to find the answers. It is funny to often hear that "In the commonwealth of nations the only thing that were common is not the wealth." I can contextualize this by saying in the age of connectivity the content seems to be the only thing that connect. 

As we had a smooth transition from industrial age to information or computerized age we will move forward to another age which is wisdom age. We started to experience the impact not only in business but in society, politics and economy. We started to experience the big data flow which started to create a paralysis of analysis. Many of our personal, religious and corporate decisions are delayed because of the need for further analysis and data processing which I call the paralysis of analysis. Then it is leads to intellectual lazy culture and mindset. The bigger the data which create numerical support of hypothesis with the personal interest and it avoid the processing power and start substituting the thinking and judgment. In this context the little knowledge is always dangerous and don't make any sense. Even though the big data is very informative it needs to interpret in a sensible manner. The democratization of information creates an imbalance between the top and bottom of society and most importantly the difficulty to cope-up with this shift. 

In the wisdom age the areas that will have a massive development can be understood by watching the fields like artificial intelligence technologies such as expert systems, hypertext, associative learning programs, multi-processor parallel computers, neural net computers.  In the areas of biotechnologies: Gene splicing, molecular engineering, cloning, plant hybridization, bioremediation, immunology, gene machines, nano technologies and in the energy technologies: Photovoltaic cells, fusion reactors, biomass converters, membrane technologies, molecular assemblers, synthetic photosynthesis and in the light wave technologies (phototronics): Fibre optics, optical scanners, lasers, holography, optical computers, imaging technologies, solar technologies and the list goes on and goes forth. It can be summed up with the concept called flowering of our consciousness in the new age of wisdom. The consciousness processing will overtake the information processing. This will take us from information processing to consciousness processing and to the wisdom age. This will no way limit our personal and spiritual growth. Religions and spirituality will be concentrated around health, holiness, wellness and wholeness. We will also see the synthesis between right brain and left brain and feminine and masculine qualities. The spirituality and new incarnations will come with telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition etc. 

We can create a better future on this earth through literally expanding our boundaries of our imagination. The possibilities are limited only to your imagination. The wisdom age can be summarized as the Content - Connection - Wisdom age.   Lets ask this question as preachers of the WORD and Missionaries and authors of the TEXT, are we creating the perfect contents in other words creating contents that connect. Our call means not only creators of content but create content that connect with the world. God made connection with this earth. The incarnation is God’s connection with this world. For the first connection or creation of content only caused God His breath but for the connection it caused Him His blood and it is the blood that will lead us from falsehood to light. 

The religion has value where narcissistic, sleep deprived, dull, hunched, addicted, distracted, stupid, depressed, isolated and disconnected world. The watchword will be together but alone, tethered and fragmented. It is helping you to find your higher purpose and small pleasure along with amplified abilities, strengthens ties and create possibilities.  You will find your human intelligence converging with artificial intelligence. 


November 2016 (C) Binu Peniel



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