Every one and everything else is taken "BE YOURSELF" : The power of Genuineness

Everyone else is taken "BE YOURSELF": The Power of Genuineness 

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” is a profound statement from Nineteenth century author Oscar wilde. The 21century media, religion, politics, culture and systems dictates to you that you are imperfect and there is something wrong with you and you need to be something or someone else to be perfect and to be accepted by the society.  In my short span of life I have witnessed 1000 of people in and around me who have listen to the fears, doubts, insecurities and irrational beliefs that there is something wrong with them/me. Honesty and transparency is dangerous and it makes you vulnerable. Each one of us are unique and there is no copy. If we are born as original why do we need to die as a duplicate. We are born genuine but we are taught and encourage not to be authentic. In our school systems, politics, religion and cultural and social systems we are taught not to be authentic. Remember this it is equally important to look good and feel good.
The persona is developed during our early childhood days and even the anima and animus. The maleness in female and femaleness in male. This is basically a Jungian understanding of anthropomorphic archetypes of the unconscious mind based on the analytical psychology. Some of us are our own worst enemy. It is not the external aspect or events makes us sad or depressed but our interpretation of the external aspects or events.  What is wrong with me is written on our forehead and we walk around and live our life asking this question in comparison with the external world. Our negative perception about ourselves weakens our confidence and ability to take action and innovative risk. There are many underlying irrational believes that we carry every day like I am not good enough, I am not faithful, I am not ready yet, I don’t have the necessary qualifications etc. Remember the following four positive steps that you can simply practices which help you to be genuine to your true self. 
Be genuine in Celebrating your achievements
If you don’t own your greatness no one else is going to do that for you. If you don’t trust yourself no one else going to do that for you. If you don’t enjoy your life, no one else is going to do that for you. If you don’t love your life no one else going to love your life. At this time you might be living your life for others. It is not healthy to live your life or see your life achievements primarily in others, which including your children, husband, wife etc. Practice and celebrate positive self affirmation and self appreciation. If you are a flower with honey in it you naturally attract bees. You can create in your schedule a day or time to treat yourself. It could be going out by yourself, attending a conference, learning a new skills, cooking something, visiting your friend, it could be anything that will make you happy as a person. 

Your achievement is not necessarily anything big, it could be as small as catching your first fish, writing your first article, learning to drive, receiving a scholarship, learning a new language or being hired for a new job. Be genuine in celebrating your achievements. Forgive your past mistakes and failures. Forgiveness has greater benefits than holding onto the grudges.  As you start doing that you will grow and you will have greater achievements as part of your normal self. You deserve your love, this is the right of any human being created in the image of God. 

Be genuine in taking positive steps for change
Every one in this world is born with a purpose and a destiny. Realizing your purpose in life and your destiny is the key to be your true self. Listen to your inner voice and let the noise of the environment, circumstances, culture and media never shout you down. Remember the higher you go the greater your need for ground support. We think in life falling down ends in childhood, but it is only true with walking. There are many other aspects than mere walking. It takes a lifetime of learning to create a life of change and history in the world. Let each day of your life be a journey that leads you close to the fulfillment of the dreams. 

Be genuine in deal with your irrational beliefs 
You are not the first or last person who hold an irrational behavior or belief. One of the profound component of cognitive behavioral psychotherapy is to identify and deal with the irrational belief system. It is the first step towards being genuine. Many of the anxiety disorders are originated in irrational thinking. Don't globalize, localize, spiritualize your beliefs. Your belief should make sense to you and it should be rational. Don't follow anything because religion says it so, but your religious beliefs need to be rationalized with your experience and reasons. 

Be genuine to your true God given self

Being genuine to your true self is dynamic and enlightenment. Know your true self is possible only by paying deeper attention to your strengths and weaknesses. This is an inward focused journey. Be a life long learner of yourself. Your personal self is the greatest thing to be learned. God is not interested in replacing but he is interested in fixing the things, life, marriage, business, church and everything else. God is in the recycling business. You will bring more glory to God's kingdom by being a better human being through your God given self.  Be a better you, which will reflect and shine the glory of God better. 

Three steps to be YOUR-SELF. 
Be genuine in Celebrating your achievements. 
Be genuine in taking positive steps for change
Be genuine in deal with your irrational beliefs 
Be genuine to your true God given self

Binu Peniel (C) 2016 


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