Spiritual Untangling Therapy: A Spiritual Untangle for Liberation, Live your best life, free of injury, pain and stress

Untangling Therapy: A Spiritual Untangle for Liberation to Live your best life, free of injury, pain and stress

As I was visiting and spending more than a week in Philadelphia in the Pennsylvania State, US, they have something called "Liberty Bell" a broken bell proclaiming Lev:25: 10"Proclaim Liberty throughout all the land and unto all the inhabitants thereof... " The first liberty bell pass the message of liberty and freedom for the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The second replica of the bell that traveled all around the world announces the freedom for women. Let the freedom ring. Let freedom ring. I was wondering why the liberty bell is broken and why there is an un-patchable crack. May be because the metal was too brittle and it cracked during a test strike and had to be recast twice. 

God was messing me up with this thought this week. God's call is a call to be entangled. If I tell you my own story my dad was affected with epilepsy. He went to Hindu temples, Muslim- Mosques and other  places and offered himself in worship and got tangled many many times. He was also called to serve the Lord but he thought it was not possible for him because he said he wanted to raise his three sons with good education and financial background. I wanted to tell you that as a family we got tangled in many times in obeying the Lord and following God. The tangling has many different effects such as multiplying effect, triangulation method and proximity impact. 

1. The tangling has multiple effect, like the following numerical impact. All it takes is the first knot then it multiplies every time. If it multiplies every time it will reach more than a billion time by multiplying in less than seven times. The impact of multiplying is great and transformative. Imagine if this is a positive multiplication and if they are tangled in the negative manner. Look at the following multiplying table. 
1. 1x1 = 2
2. 2x2 = 4
3. 4x4 = 16
4. 16x16 = 256
5. 256x256 = 65536 or sixty five thousand,five hundred thirty six.
6. 65536 x 65536 = 4,294,967,296 or four billion,two hundred ninety four million,nine hundred sixty seven thousand,two hundred ninety six.
7. 4,294,967,296x 4,294,967,296= 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 or eighteen quintillion, four hundred forty six quadrillion, seven hundred forty four trillion,seventy three billion, seven hundred nine million,five hundred fifty one thousand,six hundred sixteen. 
2. Tangling has a triangulation impact.  Every edge is sharp and point to something and it is not a circle or square.  If we search or find the path of tangling you will find them in a triangulated environment. The network of triangle determines the distance and relative position of the point spread over a territory or region, especially measuring the length of one side of each triangle. 

3. Tangling has a proximity impact. The closer the knots of tangling the stronger it is. The tangling will bring the proximity closer. The positive side of it is that the more you stretch, it has the potential to break free.  

Untangling KNOT therapy  

In the therapy room we hear the client often saying I don't want to do it but I do it. They focus on the problems. I don't want to eat, I don't want to use the drug, I don't want to beat my wife, I don't want to develop that relationship, I don't want be fearful and I don't want to be lack of self confident. KNOT is fastening made by tying  a piece of string, rope or something or a tangled mess. It has the synonyms such as tangled, knotty, informal, messed up.

The therapy process is very simple. The first step is "K" which stand for "Knowing" what result you want to have. How final destination look like or sounds like or be like.
The second step is "N" which stands for "name" it or name it loud. If you can hear what you are saying it will create a different impact. Third step is "O" which stands for "owning" it. The last one is "T" which stands for "trying" it out, try it out by yourself. Elsbeth Martindale talk about untangling knots. Untangling psychotherapy is a creation of space for individuals to walk life slowly in order to find meaning and to find out the places where they find the knots of their life, mind, relationship etc. This is a relational model which focus on integration and examination of self work. People have been tangled and marginalized due to gender, sex, race, sexual orientation, religion, class, ability, skills, and many other personal, social and family oriented factors. They truly need liberation which will create an individual change and create systemic transformation.

A Spiritual Untangle for Liberation

The word of God says; Now the Lord is the Spirit of the Lord, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.  Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage (Gala: 5: 1  KJV). Even if you have entangled once or twice or many times, you have the possibility to be Untangled. In the post election US is trying to be tangled in their own private communities, people group and society. The message of liberation is the message of untangling.

When I refer about my own people group including Christians in India (South and South East Asia) we need to untangle in the areas such as; Generational Narrative, Dravidian mindset, Servant or labor class mentality, Caste consciousness, Oppressive Imperialism, Slave Mentality, Social and Cultural narratives (Numerological Significance), Free from oppressive Imperialism and Imperial system, Glorification of ignorance (Lack of Innovative Education System), defeat and failure etc. Liberation can happen at your weakest point and untangle can happen from ends up. Approach issues gently. Some time shaking things up can release the tension and tangling effect.

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