Abundance is Possible through positivity: A Transformational Journey

Abundance mentality and scarcity mentality is understood in a popular way by living on the ground and not under the water. Every person consumes 550 liters of pure oxygen per day. When you dive under the water if you run out of oxygen you will understand what it means by scarcity. Most of us spend much of our lives with a scarcity mentality. It is a learned behavior. We have years of practice believing in scarcity, so it can be challenging to make the mental shift to an abundance mentality. It is possible through positivity a transformational journey. Prosperity is an inside-out phenomenon. 

When I was growing-up positive thinking and positive confessions were not considered as a part of judeo-christian thinking. We are good with the terminologies like suffering, hardship, lack, persecution and limitations etc. Recently I had taken another look at positive thinking, abundance mentality and law of attraction. There is many blessing for having a positive thinking such as it helps you from sabotaging your own success. When you think of yourself as poor, helpless, alone, difficult, afraid your unconscious mind takes it as an order. In other words when you connect with the word I AM .... the subconscious mind will accept it as a command. You can't live an abundant life with a negative mindset or negativity.  If you want to have an abundant mentality you need to first have a positive thinking. As someone said nothing comes to a sleeper only his or her dream but then you forget dream while you come out of your sleep. Secondly, positivity create opportunities and opportunities will create abundance. Positivity also creates or improves your physical, emotional and mental health. Abundance also connected with gratitude, peace of mind, wise choices and positive outcomes. 

I wanted to confess to you that I am the most imperfect person to help you in your perfection. But I am good with your imperfection. I can identify with that. Your gifts were not about you, it is to be shared with other people. Abundance and positivity is only possible if you are in good company with yourself. Before you become in good company with anyone, you need to be in good company with yourself. Abundance needs to be part of your DNA. If your DNA is full of negativity then you will have your blood full of negative impulses. When you bleed what comes out, negativity or positivity. Religion will say money is the root of every evil. If you want to be spiritual or religious you can't be wealthy. I believe that is the greatest lie of the enemy. 

We need to divorce some of our mindset and belief systems.  The human life has the greatest capacity of choice. I am the combination of all my decisions. Physically and financially broken is one thing and another thing is to be emotionally broken. I was spiritually broken and financially broken. When you win,  Christ wins and kingdom of God wins, your village wins, your local church wins, your family wins, your parents wins, your sisters win, your brothers win. What will disrupt you will disrupt your community. Do you want to be the best kept secret? The vocabularies will be different. The following diagram explain that in details. The antidote for despair is action. Comparison is always the thief of all joy. Prescription for radical success is action. The difference between the successful person depends on the amount of action and reaction. I did not had permission in my life for many years, permission to succeed, permission to be wealthy, but I had to give myself permission to be successful. Callie Brooks Picardo share the following slide during a recent conversation at United. She said about poor mentality vs. Rich mentality, Scarcity mentality Vs. Abundance mentality. 
1. Abundance include  the areas like relationship, spirituality, wholeness and healthy.
2. Abundance is holistic.
3. Abundance is based on your Micro-win for Macro-win (Celebrate the micro-win).
4. Abundance thinkers fail forward. In other words they get-up learning a lesson. 
5. Abundant thinkers not only responsible for action, thoughts but responsible for the reaction.
6.  Abundant thinkers know the power of I AM. The use of affirmation is  very powerful for your brain. I AM - you need to reinforce your I AM.  I am in my dream home, financial security, abundance and it will create a cognitive dissonance.
7. Abundant thinkers continue to put their mind into cognitive dissonance (Mental disruption with your current state of behavior).
8. Abundant mentality is connected with your visualization and vocabulary. 
9. Abundant mentality is connected with your positive inner voice. Gift to your heart and your soul. Idea is the seed and visualization is the fertilizer.
10. Abundance mentality is connected with your sense of purpose. You don’t belong to yourself, you belong to the universe. So stop being selfish and self centered and do something for the world and the world will know for your purpose for which you are born.
11. Abundance mentality is not connected with your irrational beliefs. According to Albert Ellis who developed Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, these are 13 irrational believes people.  1. I must do really well and get the approval of everybody who matters to me or I will be a worthless person. 2. Other people must treat me kindly and fairly or else they are bad. 3. I must have an easy, enjoyable life or I cannot enjoy living at all. 4. All the people who matter to me must love me and approve me or it will be awful. 5. I must be a high achiever or I will be worthless. 6. Nobody should ever behave badly and if they do I should condemn them. 7. I mustn't be frustrated in getting what I want and if I am it will be terrible. 8. When things are tough and I am under pressure I must be miserable and there is nothing I can do about this. 9. When faced with the possibility of something frightening or dangerous happening to me I must obsess about it and make frantic efforts to avoid it. 10. I can avoid my responsibilities and dealing with life's difficulties and still be fulfilled. 11. My past is the most important part of my life and it will keep on dictating how I feel and what I do. 12. Everybody and everything should be better than they are and, if they're not, it's awful. 13. I can be as happy as is possible by doing as little as I can and by just enjoying myself.
12. Abundance mentality is connected with your affirmation. According to Ask Angels website the following are some of the affirmations of abundance. "I consciously create blessings in my life. Everything I need comes to me effortlessly and naturally. I live a financially abundant life. I know and walk the path of my life’s purpose. I give generously to others and to myself. I look for and experience the miracles of life. I allow goodness to flow into my life. I am an unlimited being. I believe in my unlimited prosperity. I am open to receive prosperity. My life is filled with prosperity in abundance. Money flows to me easily and frequently. I focus on and think about what I want. I am in the right place at the right time. I have all the time and energy I need to accomplish my life's purpose. I am grateful for all that I have. I am an unlimited being. I am abundant in all areas of my life. I am financially free. I love and am grateful for all that I create. I have more money coming in than going out. I deserve financial abundance. The Universe loves and supports me. I am open to receive the blessings of the Divine. I visualize financial abundance for myself and others. I magnetize money through love and joy. I am a money magnet. Money loves me. I now know that I can create the life I want. I know what I want and I create it. I focus upon the success and prosperity of myself and others. I feel good about the money I spent. I am provided for as I trust and follow my heart. I have all that I need. I am open to receive. I am financially abundant. I am magnetic to the highest and greatest good. I now experience prosperity in abundance. I am now open to receive the full abundance of the Universe. I have more coming in than going out” Thank you for the unlimited financial abundance… Every dollar I spent comes back multiplied. I am financially independent and free." (Taken from http://www.ask-angels.com/spiritual-guidance/abundance-mentality/ )

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