Scotomas: How to deal with your inner spam blocker

Scotomas: How to deal with your inner spam blocker 

Having big dreams is normal and natural for the children and teenagers, but when we grow up we lose our interest and become narrow focused. Children are not intimidated or insecure. They believe they can do anything. It is just because they came from their creator. Their thinking has no spam attack or add blocker or contaminated. Until someone tells them that they can't and should not. Later they develop their belief system that they can't achieve anything great, they are not talented enough, nothing extraordinary with them etc. The people get in stuck with those scotomas.  Scotomas are a partial loss of vision or a blind spot in an otherwise normal visual field. 

When almighty God says you are a masterpiece, you are one of the kind. you have seeds of greatness, you are equipped strong, talented and beautiful. What do you want to believe? That is what should be playing and replaying in your mind, your soul and in your spirit. No matter who has told you otherwise. It could be your parents, a friend, a coach, a neighbor, religious leader. Delete that and reprogram your scotomas. You are not defective. You are not flawed, you have been fearfully and wonderfully made. 

I have lived in a poverty stricken world, defeat, mediocrity use to be very normal for me. I have lost the power to dream big, the power to deal with my defeated mindset. This was my life and I remember so many times I told myself, I am a child of most high God. I started to slowly delete my own scotomas. I started to evaluate what is my own narrative? What is my own created story? As a child when we created our perception of our own life or self, what did the world around us narrated to us.  It is also called as SCRIPT. This is an individual unconscious life plan in totality. It consists of one's fantasies, attributes, and games, derived from early experiences that serve to shape the style of present interactions between self and environment. 

Those are called by Eric Berne as life script. In other words, the messages given to us, from our family, but they are rules, exceptions, and limitations that are forecasting our future. Eric Berne as a therapist did script analysis as part of TA (Transactional Analysis). These are our life plan, reinforced by parents and the society. The script helps us to navigate what we look for and help us to define our external reality. The questions that will help us to reflect on to understand more about our life script or scotomas are: 

  • What is your earliest memory? 
  • What did your mother and father praise about you? 
  • What did they criticise about you?
  • How did your parents relate to each other? 
  • Where they affectionate with you or distant with you? 
  • How did you play as a child? 
  • What did you want to be when you grew up?
  • If you wore a shirt which had words written on it that reflect the you that is projected to others, what would it say on the front? What would it say on the back (the part of you that isn't shared with others)? 
  • What role did you play in your family growing up? 
  • Were you the hero? The scapegoat? The Joker? The fragile one? 
  • Did you experience loss growing up? 
  • Did it cause you to be more fear based? 
  • What was possible for women in your family? For men? What alliances were there in your family? Who was close to whom? 
  • How did family members connect? What lessons did you learn from your mother? Father? Grandmother? Grandfather? 
  • If you could make life changes, what would you like to be doing/experiencing in 5 years?  How would you like to rewrite your script? 
  • What part of your family's script would you like to reject? 

The only way to get unstuck is the understand your life script or scotomas. Start owning your life and its power to create the life you really want to be living. Take responsibility.  Extend your awareness and different possibilities or choices that are available to you.  Your life is precious. Change your fixed belief about yourself. Start rewriting your script in your conscious mind so it will start affecting deep in your subconscious and unconscious mind. 

Some of the typical negative injunctions don't, Don't be, Don't be close, Don't be separated from me, Don't be you, Don't be the sex you are, Don't be a child, Don't grow up, Don't Succeed, Don't be important, Don't want, Don't need, Don't think, Don't feel, Don't trust, Don't be sane, Don't be well, Don't belong etc. 

During the Holocaust, Nazis referred to Jews as rats. Hutus involved in the Rwanda genocide called Tutsis cockroaches. The Dalits in India are called by the brahmins as untouchables, the women were called by the pharisee as equal to dogs. The slave owners throughout history considered slaves sub human animals. We need to address dehumanization because that is what is opening the door for cruelty and genocide.  

There the basically different type of blockages. It removes your creativity and damages your career. They are a mental block which trapped by your own thinking. It affects your assumptions and approaches a problem from a limited premise and limit your perspectives. 

Then there are emotional blockages. The emotional blockages lead you to procrastination. Some time the behavioral therapy of systematic desensitization will help you to face your fear, pain, and worries. Some time the meditation or create a white space will help. It is same like the initial experience of the cold swimming pool. Face the unknown, unpleasant, difficult, you will be surprised by the discovery of your own self. The blockages can allow you to work too early, too late, too long or not long enough. You might try too hard or not hard enough. 

Then there are unresolved personal problems. It could be battling addiction, divorce, loss of dear ones, childhood drama. You might have gone through exploitation. Sometimes blockages come through having too little or too much. Poverty and growing with poverty mindset also can lead you to have the blockages in life. It could be not only money but even poor time, knowledge poor or even poor with your network. The blockages in communication skills also create this baggage. 

How to remove Scotomas or Blockages

When you have a positive attitude towards life then you are in the process of removing your blockages. It will create creativity, spontaneity, naturalness, motivation, joy, peace and ultimately success. The out come of negative thought will paralyze and create blockages. Start focusing on positive aspects. Start believing in yourself and your strengths. The faith will start working for you and in you to remove mountains. Start replacing your inner languages of defeat and become a champion of success. 

In the Indian spirituality talk about throat chakra and healing methods. The way to get of those blockages is to release power blockages. It is possible through negative emotions, guilt, hurt and resentment. Sometimes a good cry also can alleviate a blockage, practicing mindfulness can also be a helpful step.  


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