Killing is your gain but dying is my gain

Killing is your gain but dying is mine 

Indian Christianity traces its origin back to Apostle Thomas who was traditionally believed that he martyred in St. Thomas Mound near Chennai. There are a number of Christians who refer to themselves as "Thomas Christians," and continue his legacy to share the Gospel to the most unreached people groups in the world. Evangelism takes place at great risk as they may be beaten, murdered, or have their churches burned in the Indian and South and South East Asian context. 

On average more than 150 thousand people die on this planet earth every day. The reasons could be disease, crime, accidents, etc. Sometimes death is expected and other times unforeseen and sudden. Everyone will get a turn. There is no escapism, it is part of life.  So it is better to be prepared. The world is in a bad place not because of those who do evil but because of those who look at it and do nothing about it. Recently visiting some of the website based in India, the outrage against the minorities are very alarming. People are being divided based on their caste, religion, the color of their skin, and based on nationality or place of their birth. 

We often think when unexpected happened in life or on the day I was born God was resting. Start to rebuild your life. A way to do that is by throwing all that you have learned in school through the window. The greatest master key for success is nothing more than self-discipline, complete possession of your mind, and your mental attitude. To some, it is a lifelong adventure. Emerson once said, "we become what we think about all day long."  Many people ignore the fact that one hour of planning will take three hours of execution. This is true also in our life. Stop living life in a passive way.  Henry Ford pointed out that there wasn't any job that couldn't be handled if they were willing to break it down into little pieces. This is true even in the modern way of blogging or publishing in my case. The people you spend your time with will change the way you think and ultimately the life you have. 

A number of years ago when I was learning psychotherapy I worked with Fr. Dr. Jacob Charian, who put me through the deathbed exercise. I was asked to clearly imagine myself lying on my own deathbed, and to fully realize the feelings connected with dying and saying goodbye to the world. I was also asked to imagine who all are visiting my death bed and to identify my feelings. This exercise will help you identify the value of relationships and how much I'd left out of my own life.  I started to appreciate my life and relationship. Started to live my life fully. 

I truly believe the sin of our life is not the only omission but lack of submission. That which we do and that which we left undone. We often say someday I'll do this and Someday I'll do that. Today is that Someday and tomorrow never come or you don't have the capacity to control your yesterday or your tomorrow. Confronting our own death doesn't have to wait until we run out of life. The fundamental fact is that the day you are born you start dying, whether you agree or not.  

Start lying to yourself, so that you can create a vision for yourself the way you want to be seen because your unconscious can't differentiate between reality and a lie. Your subconscious mind doesn't know you're fantasizing. Fake it until you make it. Give some grace to yourself. Treat or love yourself more. It is visible in the way you eat, the way you shop, and the way you spend your money. Who you are is what you see. When you are happy, when you are compassionate, when you are full of energy, hope, and opportunities, you see the same thing. In the same way, when you are sad, angry, weary, boring, and unattractive you see the world around you in the same way. Who you are is what you see. Everyone is in the same place but some are looking at the stars, remember only those who are looking at the star will radiate and reflect the star. Motivation doesn't have to be an accident.

There is no freedom while we remain in our mortal bodies.  Philip: 1: 21 says: For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain. Since 2014 India is governed by radical Hinduism and the level of intolerance against minorities and especially against the Christian community has gone up markedly. Hundreds of churches have been burned, people are physically assaulted, and some are killed.  Professing Christians are the main target of the culprits because of their faith in action. The Global church needs to wake up at this time and start providing the doors for more training, discipleship, education, and vital relief aid. The latest report says there is an attack being recorded every 40 hours. People have converted to Christianity because it has given them an identity and a sense of purpose. The attack against Christians has many faces like the anti-conversation bill passed in many states, stopping the presence of international organizations, and stopping the international funding to India. 

It is also relevant to state what the National Review 1 said about India: "
Seeking a closer relationship with a country permeated with nationalist-fueled religious persecution would damage the moral force behind America’s campaign to limit China’s expansionism." It is even will affect the growth of Indian abroad and the growth of India as a superpower in the South and South East Asian context. This religious problem should be taken seriously, for it could directly affect the future relationship between the United States and India. Indians are the losers and if India wanted to play a major role in the global platform in the postmodern world,  India needs to stop the intolerance against minorities and create a value system for human dignity and freedom. The technologically advanced India is not going to go back to the stone age of caste and social discrimination based on religions and mythological ideas. 

America didn't create religious freedom or liberty but religious liberty and freedom created America. Gov Bobby Jindal. It is my prayer and wishes that let the future of postmodern India be created through the value systems like liberty, justice, and freedom.  Human rights and individual liberties, including religious freedom, should be the heart of any nation that is progressing and leading in the world. 



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