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Cavenomics is a Global Innovative Leadership Podcast, which is a Christ-centred, positive and motivational in nature. Have you ever thought of starting a podcast? The greatest possibility connected with the technology of this generation is its mobile nature. The podcast is the best way to reach people while they are driving to work or taking their dog for a walk or relaxing in the wood or waiting for their bus or train. In order to develop your personal skills, the best thing you can do is to listen to a podcast. There are many other reasons why podcasts have grown so popular and exploded over the last five+ years. Starting a podcast is easier than you may think, and it also has a ton of benefits (especially if you’re just starting out with your blog or website or your ministry career).

There are many questions comes our mind when you think of starting a podcast. If you are serious you can even start an introductory episode while you are thinking about many things in details. Here I would like to answer the question of WHY and HOW? Why you need a podcast? Most podcasters use an episode dealing with the following questions such as who am I? What is my qualification or experience to talk about the subject or subjects? What will be the podcast be about? What kind of format you are going to follow or on what schedule? Why should someone subscribe? In other words, what are the benefits they are going to have?  Some of the benefits are:

You can reach a different type of audience through your podcast: There are a lot of people on different platforms like iTunes, Mixcloud, SoundCloud, etc. You may reach a different audience with your podcast than your website or books.  

You can build a deeper connection with your audience and visitors to your website. The uniqueness of your voice is the best way to connect with your people. It is much deeper than you think. People only support people who they know, like and trust. It is also true when it comes to buying things. People only buy the things they know. 

You get a chance to Become an expert or thought-leader in your industry: I believe in the concept of everyone's greatness. You have your own personal opinions, belief systems, and expertise. Your podcast will be the best place to explore this with your own self and with others.  

You get an opportunity to Promote yourself to expose more speaking opportunities and it is cheaper to start a podcast than your celebrity entry. 
Here's your How: 
First of all find your niche : (Your own specialized area of expertise).  If you don't know your niche you can find that out by asking these questions such as: what do I love? What do I like to talk about? What kind of influence I want to make? What does my audience want to hear? What problem I want to help solve? What area that you would like to talk about for a long-term or identify yourself with? 

Name your podcast: Your name will play a large role in your success of your podcast. Creating a brand name is very important. You can seek help from your friends and family. Make sure the name is not taken by somebody. Register your domain name to lock it down for your future expansion. 

Create a show format: This could be a mixture of different segments. It can also consist of the theme song, welcome message, captions, announcements, interview, comments and closing songs etc. Many times you can improve as you go but you need to solid structure to begin with, just like any building projects.  

Identify your logo. website and artwork platforms: There are many free and less paid artwork (royalty free) website that you can explore to get your artwork done.  You also need to create a logo if you need along with a unique website.  

Get the needed equipment and software: The first thing is to get your microphone. Nowadays there are a lot of cheap USB microphones are available like Blue Snowball or blue yeti etc. Explore the free software like audacity or GarageBand etc. You can also use the free Skype recorder to explore the online recording possibilities.  Another better option is to buy an audio interface like PreSonus Audio box 44 VSL. This also comes with free software like studio-one. 

Edit the podcast and upload your episodes: The quality of your podcast editing and continuous upload will be a big factor in its success and growing your audience. Choose platforms like SoundCloud, mix cloud, or libsyn. Embed your podcast into your WordPress or blogger or web platforms. 

If you want your podcast to be on iTunes, for example, please upload your podcast to and connect with your apple id. This is the best way to create your podcast on iTunes.
Podcasting is one of the most powerful mediums to connect with your audience. This will be another way to create greater influence and your legacy. I hope this will help your know-how and your question of why? If you need consultation gets in touch with me and I will help you in this process for free of cost. It is a ministry and it is one of the ways God call me to His service to spread positive, empowering and innovative conversation.

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