6 lessons of Leadership

Six Leadership Lessons 

1. Everyone is created to Lead. Your desire and disposition to lead is inborn. 

2. Everyone possesses leadership potentials. Each one may have the ability to lead in the area of their giftedness. 

3. In every follower, there is a hidden leader. If you are following someone or something you also have the capacity to lead someone.

4. Everyone is born to lead but most will die as followers. If you don't identify and tap into your giftedness, it will be wasted and be buried within you. I have heard the story of an eagle who lived like a chicken.

5. Leadership is your history and your destiny. You were created to be a leader and designed to fulfill your assignment. 

6. The world needs your leadership capacities. You exist to meet a specific need on earth that no one else can meet. 

The idea was taken from the Book: Myles Munroe: In charge: Finding the leader within you.  


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