Indoor generation: Life that matters

Indoor Generation: Life That Matters 

Being stuck inside is a common phenomenon when we deal with personality deficit. Many people believe secretly that they are a failure, worthless and incapable. Many struggles with a sense of worthlessness deep inside their soul. This negative feeling will only stifle your energy, cramps your freedom, prevents you from being true to your God-given potentials. My counseling and psychotherapy journey taught me that people are buried under the toxic shame and doubt. They try their best to steer the attention away from it and pretend it's not there or project or transfer it to others. It manifests in the form of criticism, lack of self-confidence and judgments. 

I am a social animal living indoor (indoor generation) and the way my story end is up to ME.  Indoor, air pollution can be traced to pre-historic times when human beings first moved to temperature controlled caves.  In today's world around 50% of the total population lives in the urban cities, I like to call it urban caves. Outdoor environmental degradation along with the lack of social connectivity while striving for the survival affect the health of the urban population. 

The power of daylight can't be artificially reproduced. We need sunlight to feel energetic and healthy in other words for our holistic health. The technological advancement replaces for our generation the outdoor experiments and outdoor exploration. We ignore the beauty of our surroundings. I have lived most of my childhood in a beautiful state in India called Kerala, God's own country. Today when I look back to the beauty of nature I do have the nostalgia.

Today the video game culture worldwide received exponential popularity and made people stuck in a room they call a play station. This turns out to be an addiction called the video game addiction. The physical symptoms are fatigue, migraine, carpal tunnel syndrome caused by the overuse of a controlled or computer mouse, poor physical movements etc.

"If you don't know where you are going you might not get there." Yogi Berra said once. This century has seen the greatest revelation with the company called Google when they planted its flag to organize the information of the world and make it freely available, useful and accessible to the world. Google now processes over 500,000 searches in less than 10 seconds. The last year Google makes revenue over 109.65 billion US dollars. They focus and commit to priorities. You may ask me what is the relevance of this in a world where we call themselves as an indoor generation or inside crowd. Today 25% of American hardly ever venture outside, unaware or unconcerned about breathing only indoor air. 

We eat indoor frown food, walk-in door with our workout machinery, work indoor, shop indoor, travel indoor in the flight, car and other transportation agents. Our leisure time has become synonymous with television viewing. According to Federal Data, many Americans spend nearly three hours a day in front of the tube. 

In contrast to this, the indoor air is the most polluted air than the one outside. With the pressure of modern life, we need to understand the implications of our health and well-being of life indoors. This has great implications for our health and wellbeing. We also become a 24/7 society where we are being disconnected from the natural rhythms of life.  Many people have sleep deprivation, a condition of not having enough sleep. In many cases unknowingly we are either in a chronic stage or in an acute stage. For many, it turns to be a cognitive condition and needs behavioral modification. The toxic particles to Co2 exhalation, even in the children's room often contain the highest concentration of harmful substances in the home. 

It may be better to do a comparative study of the indoor air quality and the quality of air in the city slums. It will also be an interesting study about the Eskimos' home under the earth and our urban living. It was a long time ago I happened to see a TV series about how the Eskimos live under the earth. 

The popular songs "Get outside and get into nature and make your own discovery" from the PBS kids is very relevant, Or we live in the land of plenty, water in the sink is not safe to drink, let's live some green on the ground.


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