Christmas A season of Peace

Christmas A season of Peace One of the fascinating story I heard about peace is related to “peace child.” There was an un-peaceful tribe in (Duchuni Guinea) Papua New Guinea, a region of the southwestern Pacific Ocean north of Australia. They are called the Sawi people. They were head handers, known for their treachery and trickery. This story is based on Don Richardson a missionary to this Cannibalistic Sawi tribe.They were always in war with the neighboring tribe. When the missionary shared the gospel story the first time they praised and shouted for Judas. There is so much praise for those who could cheat the victim without even the victim knows it. For them, Judas was the best fit. Then when the missionary looked deeper at a time when the tribe was fighting each other and killing one another. In some ways, the missionary was the reason behind the fight. Finally, the missionary decided to leave the tribe. Which forced them to come to peace with each other. There was no glimpse of peace among this tribe seen by the missionary. Then they brought a newborn child from one tribe and handed over to the other and said as long us this child lives in the village we will be in peace with each other. When you get a chance please view a documentary created after 50 years since peace child: known as Never the same.


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