Nurture Your Mind: How to Cope With Teen Anxiety

Nurture Your Mind: How to Cope With Teen Anxiety Anxiety is a human experience, which is normal and beneficial, but anxiety disorder is abnormal and unhealthy When you understand and learn about anxiety, it will lose the power that comes with its mystery and unpredictability. Anxiety has nothing to do with your strength, character or courage. Approximately 40 million American adults (18%) suffer with an anxiety disorder. The dangerous reality is that almost 40% of Americans are more anxious than they were at the same time last year.. Anxiety disorder include disorders that share features of excessive fear and anxiety related behavioral disturbances. These disorders include separation anxiety, selective mutism, specific phobia, social anxiety (social phobia), agoraphobia, generalized anxiety disorder due to another medical condition. DSM-5 Different type of ANXIETY DISORDER Generalized anxiety disorder Panic disorder or panic attacks Phobia - related disorders WHAT ARE THE COPING MECHANISMS AVAILABLE? Psychotherapeutic or medical intervention Psycho-religious and spiritual intervention Traumatic events. Binu Peniel (B.D., M.Th DCPC, D.Min.,) (Email) (Blogging Website) (S... Channel) Recent Book:


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